Latin America Mission Canada

Address of Organization: Unit 14 - 3075 Ridgeway Drive, Mississauga, ON, L5L 5M6.

Website: Website

Contact Person: Carluci Dos Santos

Phone: 905-569-0001.

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Work of organization: Latin America Mission (Canada) Inc. is an international evangelical community of men and women who, motivated by their love for the Lord Jesus Christ and in obedience to His commands, partners with Canadian and Latin churches and institutions, as well as international Christian organizations to encourage, assist and participate in building the Church of Jesus Christ in Latin America.

We are engaged in church planting, counselling/prison ministries, camping ministries, Christian grade schools (kindergarden through high school), orphanages, relief projects, social development projects, theological training (seminaries, universities, bible schools), language school (Spanish), youth at risk programs. We work in 16 countries in Latin America.

Kinds of internships: We could place students in any of the areas in which we develop ministries. Placement will depend on qualifications and the particular interest of students.

Desirable skills: Students who have a 'servant's heart' and who are willing to work with and under national leadership. (All of our missionaries work under national leadership.) Ability to speak Spanish is desirable but not mandatory. Some cross cultural training is desirable.

Student Interns would need to be committed to the historic evangelical faith.

Other skills will depend on the kind of project the student is looking for: teaching bible, teaching grade school, etc.

Number of internships: Unlimited number.

Location of internships: In any of our projects in Colombia, Costa Rica, or Honduras. We could also explore placement in the Canadian Office, and in Brazil, depending on the area of expertise and interest of the intern.

Duration of internships: It varies from 2 weeks to 1 year.

Costs: Student interns will have to raise their own support (living, travel, and some administrative fees). Costs will depend on length of stay and type of project.

Accommodation: Accommodations will be provided.

Insurance: Student interns will have to buy extended insurance (if they already have provincial medical insurance). Insurance varies according to length of stay.

Medical coverage: We have an extended medical coverage which presupposes the insured has provincial medical coverage. The cost averages $128 per person per month and it is only available to Canadian citizens/residents. (There is a special rate for a family with children.)

Training: Our basic training is through TIM, Tyndale's sponsored mission prep-course. This two week orientation is for people who have never travelled nor have had any prior exposure to other cultures and want to serve for longer than a year.

Depending on the length of stay, we require language training which can be done in Canada or in a language school in the country of service. (We would make the necessary arrangements.)

Evaluation: Evaluation will be provided with the mutual agreenent of the intern. There will be a contract with the intern whereby he or she agrees to meet with a supervisor who will be assigned to him or her. The number of meetings will depend on the length of the stay, and type of project. There will be a minimum of one evaluation per period of internship (if that period is shorter than a year).

Volunteering: Ideally, the student would spend a few days in our office to familiarize himself/herself with our organization, its history, philosophy, and projects.

Faith statement: We have room for people with reservations to subscribe to our faith statement (below), but would like to know what those reservations are. Given that it is a short term experience, interns would not be required to subscribe.

Statement of Faith
We believe in one God, creator, and sustainer of the universe, who eternally exists in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
We believe in the Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ, His virgin birth, sinless life, redemptive death, bodily resurrection, present exaltation at God's right hand, and the blessed hope of His personal return.
We believe in the Deity and Personality of the Holy Spirit, who works in all people to bring them salvation through Christ and who dwells in believers, equipping them for lives of holiness and fruitful service.
We believe the Bible to be the divinely inspired, and authoritative written Word of God, the only infallible rule of faith and practice.
We believe that all have sinned and therefore are guilty before God and are under his condemnation.
We believe that through the death of His Son, Jesus Christ, God in love provided an atonement for sin, so that, through repentance and saving faith in Christ, man is delivered from the judgment of God and is born again into life eternal.
We believe that the Church is composed of all true believers and that the mission of the Church, with Christ as its Head, is to communicate the Gospel of Christ to all the World.
We believe in the resurrection of the body, the eternal punishment of unbelievers and the everlasting blessedness of believers in the presence of Christ.

Application form: Available from website, under tab GET INVOLVED, scroll down to APPLICATION FORM. Complete and return to the Executive Director

Deadline: 3-6 months prior to desired start date.

Contract: See Here.

Further: Following the receipt of intial application form (online), there will be an interview and a formal application. Three reference letters would be requested.