Poverty-free Ontario (MCC Ontario)

Name of Organization: Advocating for a Poverty-free Ontario (MCC Ontario)

Address of Organization: 1038 Woodbine Avenue, Toronto, M4C 4C4

Website: Website and Blogspot.

Contact Person: Tim Schmucker.

Phone: 416-423-9229.

Email: Tim Schmucker.

Work of organization: Mennonite Central Committee(MCC)shares God's love and compassion for all in the name of Christ by responding to basic human needs and working for peace and justice. MCC envisions communities worldwide in right relationship with God, one another and creation. Working in 60+ countries around the world, MCC's priorities are:
  • Disaster relief
  • Sustainable community development
  • Justice and peace-building

    In Ontario, MCC walks with people on the margins during times of significant transition and advocates for systemic change based on our experience in community. We walk with people in poverty, refugees, those who've experienced the criminal justice system, our aboriginal neighbours, and more.

    Kinds of internships: As part of our "Walking with People in Poverty" program, we give significant energy to "Advocating for a Poverty-free Ontario". This involves social policy advocacy before the Ontario Government. An intern will work as an assistant in this ministry, with numerous possible tasks, depending on the specific interests and skills of the intern. Such tasks include: research and writing, public and constituency engagement, networking, participating in coalitions, and more. We can form the internship around the gifts and interests of the intern.

    Desirable skills: Interested in and committed to social policy advocacy based on our "on the ground" experience. Ability to connect the micro story to the macro system.Self-motivated and willing to work without constant supervision and guidance. Communication, both oral and written.Passion! Good sense of humour and patience (government social policy changes can take a long time). Ability to connect with congregations and motivate them to also "walk with people in poverty" and "advocate for a poverty-free Ontario".

    Number of internships: 1.

    Location of internships: Toronto (and possibly Kitchener), Ontario.

    Duration of internships: Flexible.

    Costs: None, unless s/he doesn't live in Toronto or Kitchener.

    Accommodation: No.

    Insurance: No.

    Medical coverage: No.

    Training: Active and ongoing on-the-job training.

    Evaluation: Yes.

    Volunteering: This could be worked out with the intern, if desired.

    Faith Statement:
    All MCC workers and interns are expected to exhibit a commitment to:
    1) a personal Christian faith and discipleship; 2) active church membership; and 3) nonviolent peacemaking.

    We believe in Jesus Christ, God's son, as the revelation of God as Saviour and Lord of all who accept Jesus Christ by faith.

    We believe that the Christian church is composed of those who commit themselves to live under Christ's lordship and to share with each other.

    Christian love is a central quality of the Christian faith and becomes the basis for our relationship with all people regardless of creed, ethnic origin, nationality, gender or political view.

    Our response to human conflict, injustice, war and racial tension is based on the biblical teachings of nonviolence. The service ministry of the Mennonite Central Committee is established as a positive expression of this understanding.

    Worker recruitment and eligibility policies include three key criteria:

    1) Christian statement of faith;

    2) membership and participation in a local Christian church; and

    3) a belief in and commitment to Biblical non-violent peacemaking as a call of obedience to God's love of humankind.

    These elements are occupational qualifications necessary for carrying out MCC's programs.

    Application Form: Contact Tim Schmucker or Cath Woolner.

    Deadline: Continuing.