Partners International

Name of Organization:Partners International.

Address of Organization: 8500 Torbram Rd Unit 56, Brampton, ON, Canada, L6T 5C6.

Website: Partners International.

Contact Person: David Hunt, Director International Operations.

Phone: 647-981-4481.

Email: Email

Work of organization: Holistic development. Partners International has 70 years of learning and expertise in the development of indigenous organizations, specializing in the most difficult contexts for development around the world. Partners International has been a thought leader in the area of intercultural partnerships and missiology, coining such phrases as the "10/40" window, and championing indigenous ministries and organizations since the 1940s, long before it was commonly acceptable. As a result, Partners International has a depth of learning about effective intercultural partnerships, is a model for best practice in partnership, and has a vast network of eyes and ears on the ground around the world to advise it of new opportunities. Interns with Partners International will gain exposure to some of the most excellent methodologies for sustainable local development, as well as exposure to cutting edge emerging indigenous organizations.

Kinds of internships:
International Development Exposure, International Development Research, International Business and Charitable Administration Exposure, Educational and other Occupational Participation Internships (curriculum assessment, agricultural management, water and health). Canadian Charity Administrative and Marketing Internships.

All international placements are supervised on a day-to-day basis by local national partner staff and not Canadians.

Desirable skills:Partners International is looking for students whose goal is career service in intercultural holistic mission. We appreciate individuals who are passionate about the cause of Christ, have enough maturity to travel and live overseas without much assistance, show an attitude of humility and are self-motivated and adaptable. Languages skills (Portuguese, French, Arabic, Bengali, Spanish, Mandarin) may bring increased opportunities for placement.

Number of internships: 3 annually.

Location of internships: Global. Most recent postings of undergraduate International Development students have been to Lebanon, Senegal, Brazil and India. Partners International has operations in over 50 countries. Location of future internships determined by suitability, safety and interests of candidates.

Duration of internships: One or two semesters. Canadian Office orientation and work exposure normally required.

Costs: Typical field placement of 6 Ė 8 weeks is $4,000. Summer internships may be partly funded for Brampton ON residents in full time study. Other expenses are at the cost of the intern. Donations towards internships may be eligible for charitable receipts. Partners International can provide fundraising materials and training.

Accommodation: Guest house, shared apartment or billeted as per local arrangements.

Insurance: Required and the responsibility of the intern.

Medical coverage:Interns acquire their own travel and medical insurance (basic extended hospitalization and emergency medical evacuation required).

Training: Organizational procedures training before travel. Pre-field placement orientation provided. In-country orientation provided. Opportunities for language study can be provided at cost to intern. On-field professor supervision can be arranged. Provision will be made for course requirements of the internís institution.

Evaluation: Local supervision will be arranged and can use evaluative guidelines and tools of the internís institution. Partners has its own Intern and Supervisor evaluation forms that can be used. A Partners International staff member will be attached to the intern to provide care, resolve issues, and provide training, feedback, evaluation and debriefing. In addition each intern is also provided the opportunity to evaluate their experience.

Volunteering: Encouraged in order to gain more exposure to Partners International.

Faith statement:Partners International subscribes to the World Evangelical Alliance statement of faith. Interns do not have to be members of any religious group but agree to abide by on-field conduct codes of host partner organizations.

Application form: David Hunt, Director International Operations.

Deadline: None.

Application to: David Hunt, Director International Operations.

Contract: Interns must read and consent to forms related to conduct and liability.