Universal Chastity Education (UCE)

Name of Organization: Universal Chastity Education (UCE)

Address of Organization: 1600 N. Grand Ave, Ste 140, Pueblo, CO, 81003 USA.

Website: Website

Contact Person: Kim K Dernovsek MD or The Rev. Dr. Ephraim Radner.

Phone: Dernovsek: 719-248-8828 Radner: 416-946-3533.

Email: Dernovsek or Radner

Work of organization: Universal Chastity Education, Inc.(UCE) is a non-profit organization established in 2004. Its purpose is to promote through education sexual abstinence until marriage and marital fidelity as healthy lifestyles free from sexually transmitted diseases including HIV and AIDS. UCE strives to maintain the successful Ugandan behavioral change strategy against HIV/AIDS and to help other countries do the same.

Kinds of internships: UCE provides unpaid internships offering experience to the student(minimum age 21)interested in a career in an international developing-world setting, preventative health strategy, theology, youth education and non-profit organization development. Internships are available at staffed headquarters in Kampala, Uganda, AFRICA, with participation in youth outreach events in rural Uganda. Internships are also available in the more recently launched UCE programs in Burundi, AFRICA (2007) and in Tanzania, AFRICA (2009).

Desirable skills: A UCE volunteer is committed to the primary vision of a healthy, AIDS-free world and is inspired by the simplicity and hope in the example Uganda has set that sexual behavior can be changed. The UCE volunteer believes that chastity is possible, that our faith in God inspires this and that the simple message of living a life of abstinence until faithful marriage will prevent HIV/AIDS/STDs and save lives. UCE volunteers work in whatever way is best suited to their qualifications. Examples of what an UCE volunteer might do include working with staff to develop educational materials including scriptural references regarding chastity, newsletters, motivating students by personal testimony at outreaches, planning and implementing simple monitoring and evaluation tools to assess programs and to improve UCE effectiveness, building accounting, computer and networking skills. Volunteers with technical,administrative, accounting, development, grant-writing and computer skills are always needed by UCE. Educators, physicians, and nurses who are committed to the ideals held by UCE and who are knowledgeable about the health risks of sex outside of marriage are sought to join on outreaches and in educational materials development.

Number of internships: 3.

Location of internships: East AFRICA: Kampala, Uganda and Makamba, Burundi and Iringa, Tanzania.

Duration of internships: 1-6 months.

Costs: USD $3000 for the first month and USD $800 per month thereafter.

Accommodation: UCE provides housing, airfare,in-country transit, meals or meal allowance and internet access at all internship sites. Volunteer is responsible for costs of passport/visa (~USD$100) and vaccinations/malaria prophylaxis medications (~USD$600)

Insurance: Trip cancellation,medical and emergency evacuation insurance required and included.

Medical coverage: See above.

Training: Reading material will be suggested so that the student understands the AB (abstinence/be faithful) success against AIDS. A UCE Board member will brief the student on the selected program and assist the student to develop site-specific goals and objectives to correlate with the student's skills and interests. Volunteers will find useful information on the UCE website and by reading the online journals of previous UCE volunteers at Uceglobal.

Evaluation: Yes. Additionally, the student is required to complete an evaluation of the experience.

Volunteering: 1. During outreaches,students pose their questions about sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases, theology of the body/marriage, how to strengthen refusal skills. UCE has accumulated hundreds of questions from students which have been answered in the UCE Manual. This manual can be expanded and continuously updated and improved.

2. UCE has begun "social networking" on facebook, with more African than Western fans. The intern could help administer our page and keep it active and interesting.

3. Should the intern wish to journal online about the experience with UCE, that can be developed ahead of time at the Uceglobal site and the volunteer can begin entries.

Faith statement: UCE Board of Directors, employees, interns, and volunteers are required to subscribe to the fundamentals of the Christian faith as outlined in the Nicene Creed, subject to the ultimate rule and standard of the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. Additionally, those representing UCE in the above capacities shall demonstrate the highest standards of professional and personal conduct at all times including sexual abstinence until faithful marriage.

Application form: Kim K Dernovsek MD.

Deadline: 3 months prior to expected departure date. The intern will receive notification of assignment not later than 3 months prior to departure to allow ample time to arrange for medical inoculations, visa and travel.

Application to: K. Dernovsek

Contract: No contract; however by applying to volunteer with UCE, the applicant is subscribing to the statement of faith and behavior code above. The volunteer application, waiver of liability and evaluation form are on the UCE website. At least one reference must be from Wycliffe College faculty.

Further Information:
1.English is spoken in Uganda and Tanzania. French is ideal for service in Burundi.

2.UCE offers the intern a unique opportunity: the chance to participate in a non-profit organization which is assisting development of indigenous programs in which locals teach and prevent HIV/AIDS/STDs via primary behavior change, utilizing techniques and teaching methods specific to their respective cultures and without excluding their faith.