United Nations Association of Canada

Name of Organization: United Nations Association in Canada.

Address of Organization: 300-309 Cooper Street, Ottawa, ON, K2P 0G5.

Website: Website

Contact Person: Lara Hill, Senior Internship Coordinator.

Phone: (613)232-5751.

Email: Email

Work of organization: The United Nations Association in Canada (UNA-Canada) is a not-for-profit registered charity which brings made-in-Canada solutions to challenges of the global commons. Its mandate is to educate and engage Canadians in the work of the UN, the critical global issues that affect us all, and to build public support in Canada for the United Nations. The Association works closely with youth in schools and non-formal education settings, using innovative educational programmes to foster a sense of empowerment and engagement through the search for solutions to global challenges. For 60 years UNA-Canada has worked in partnerships with the United Nations, governments, educational institutions, the private sector, like-minded NGOs, community leaders and experts, and the Canadian public to carry out its mandate.

Kinds of internships: The United Nations Professional Placements (UNPP) programme seeks to provide young Canadian professionals with an opportunity to:
*Work and interact in an international environment;
*Acquire invaluable field experience to enhance employability;
*Learn about the United Nations and to establish a valuable network of contacts with the UN and related agencies and organizations;
*Contribute to effective and sustainable solutions to international development issues facing nations today thereby helping to shape the global community of tomorrow. *Acquire in-depth knowledge relating to international issues as diverse and multifaceted as human rights, post-conflict analysis, governance, disarmament, poverty reduction, environmental degradation, war crimes and refugee law.

Desirable skills:Eligible participants must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada with a proven interest in international development/affairs. This programme accepts applicants from many disciplines including: international affairs (relations), peacekeeping and peacebuilding, political science, economics, history, women's studies, public policy, geography, environmental studies, anthropology, sociology, law, languages, etc. Applicants should demonstrate that they have an active interest in the work of the United Nations and UN-related issues.

Number of internships: 30.

Location of internships: Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

Duration of internships: Six months.

Costs: Participation fee, airfare, medical insurance, accomodation and personal expenses while overseas.

Accommodation: UNA-Canada will assist participants in securing accomodation prior to arrival in their host country. Former participant cost of living forms and a list of housing information/resources is provided to each participant.

Insurance:Interns are required to purchase medical and flight insurance for their international placements.

Medical coverage:Interns are required to purchase their own medical coverage for the duration of their international placement. UNA-Canada has a list of options which will provide a starting point for medical insurance decisions. UNA-Canada's pre-departure orientation covers a variety of topics which assist the participants, not only preparing for their assignment abroad, but in maximizing their opportunities while completing their assignment. In addition, participants are provided with a written guide which outlines the programmes goals and expectations and assists them in their preparations.

Training: Briefing sessions cover a multitude of issues which include: Culture shock, safety and security, cross-cutlural communication, professional networking, psycho-social transition, skills assessment and job search assistance. UNA-Canada's job search assistance is very thorough. Intended to assist participants in translating their internship experience to a career, it includes the following:
*Prior to departure, UNA-Canada will include job search resources in our briefing kit, which is provided to all UNPP participants.
*While abroad, UNA-Canada will post weekly job vacancies on our intern listserv. Therefore, while overseas, interns are able to receive continuous information on the job market in Canada and on job vacancies both abroad and at home. *UNA-Canada's contract with host organizations stipulates a provision of three hours per week of free time, within business hours, to allow interns to explore the resources available in their new environment, to forge contacts, complete application forms or to take the necessary steps towards finding employment upon their return to Canada or following the completion of their internship. UNA-Canada also provides interns with business cards while abroad to facilitate their efforts in making contacts and maintaining their network. *Lastly, UNA-Canada will continue to provide interns, both past and present, with weekly job vacancies through the interns listserv and, when requested, provides letters of reference and, where possible, contact names.

Evaluation: Yes. For each placement there is a mid-term and final Evaluation report which is completed by the participant. In addition, there is a mid-term and final Appraisal Report completed by their UN host organization. With permission from the participant, UNA-Canada would be pleased to share this with Wycliffe College.

Volunteering: Yes. Students are welcome to undertake volunteer work at any of our 17 branches across Canada, or HQ in Ottawa. They would have to apply directly to the branch/location of interest.

Faith statement: NA.

Application form:Yes.

Deadline: On-going.

Application to:Lara Hill.