Wycliffe Bible Translators

Name of Organization: Wycliffe Bible Translators

Address of Organization: 14 Steinway Blvd., Etobicoke, ON, M9W 6M6.

Website: Website

Contact Person: Amy Wolverton, Internship Coordinator.

Phone: (416) 675-6473 (Paul Hooper) or 1-306-681-4447 (Amy Wolverton).

Email: Email

Work of organization: Wycliffe Bible Translators of Canada (WBTC) is committed to translating the Scriptures for indigenous peoples and seeing people around the world reading the translated Scriptures. WBTC is an extension of the church in Canada to help the church fulfill its mandate to make disciples of all nations.

Kinds of internships: The type of internships would vary greatly and would depend on the skills and interests of the intern. The placement would be determined by a collaboration of the intern, the field entity involved and Wycliffe Canada. Examples of the types of internships are community development based on the use of appropriate technology, government relations, various areas of management and/or administration, village language and literacy work and teachers of missionary children.

Desirable skills: The key component is the character of the individual (with a special focus on personal integrity and an ability to work well with others in a "team" approach to work -specifically in a multi-cultural setting). The next component would be to have a usable skill - this could be in engineering-related activities, teaching, management etc.

Number of internships: Variable.

Location of internships: We work in about 70 countries of the world and the specific location is something to be determined by the intern and the agency.

Duration of internships: 2 months up to one year.

Costs: Interns can raise money to cover all their expenses or can fund the internship themselves. The cost of the internship depends on the length of time and location.

Accommodation: The local entity will make arrangements for accommodation.

Insurance: While involved in the Wycliffe [WBTC] project the intern is insured by Wycliffe [WBTC] for loss of life and dismemberment.

Medical coverage: Ask for details.

Training: The intern will be expected to be involved in a Wycliffe Orientation Course. This can be completed over a weekend or may be done with sessions during the week. The specific arrangements would be made with the local Wycliffe office.

Evaluation: Wycliffe will ensure that every intern is appropriately "debriefed" at the conclusion of their experience. An evaluation for Wycliffe College can be done by the overseas entity and should be pre-arranged.

Volunteering: There are opportunities to work with the local office. The type of work and time-involved will be arranged by the intern and local staff.

Faith statement: Here

Application form: Email the Internship Coordinator at intern@wycliffe.ca

Deadline: None

Contract: Intern Agreement