Wycliffe Bible Translators of Canada: Intern Agreement

For Interns Working Outside of Canada

Wycliffe Bible Translators of Canada (WBTC) is committed to translating the Scriptures for indigenous peoples and seeing people around the world reading the translated Scriptures. WBTC is an extension of the church in Canada to help the church fulfill its mandate to make disciples of all nations.

WBTC and its staff are responsible to assure the integrity of the organization and to be worthy of the trust placed in it. The following agreement can be broadly defined as a contractual or covenantal agreement between the intern and WBTC. It attempts to clarify relationships, expectations and responsibilities for both parties.

1. Intern assignments
1.1 Interns are expected to perform an assignment well and to be engaged in it full-time. Assignments will normally be made in agreement with an intern in light of his/her skills, limitations, health needs and personal preference, along with the key strategic priority needs of the organization.

1.2 An Intern commits to WBTC?s corporate goals and good name. In order to accomplish corporate goals, an intern must be prepared at times, for the sake of the organization, to take an assignment that is not one of personal preference.

1.3. An intern who is unable to commit to full-time active service for age, health, family, personal or other reasons may request a reduced assignment.

1.4. Interns assist the organization through discussion and voting on organizational issues, as well as accepting assignments in Canada for the benefit of WBTC.

1.5 An intern may be seconded to work for other organizations with similar goals for the purpose of carrying out an assignment overseas or in Canada. In such cases, the intern agrees to work under the jurisdiction of the SIL entity or other local entity to which s/he is assigned and agrees to be governed by the rules and provisions of that entity.

1.6. In the event that an intern?s assignment is withdrawn, WBTC and the intern will work together on seeking other assignments. If no alternative assignment is found, WBTC may take this as adequate grounds for termination of being an intern.

2. Intern Guidelines
That WBTC and the intern agree to be bound by the WBTC By-laws and Legislative Manual where appropriate.

3. Finances
3.1 Interns intern their time. WBTC is unable to pay a salary or wage for his/her work.
3.2 Interns are entitled to be reimbursed for eligible expenses incurred as long as sufficient funds have been donated to WBTC, designated for the intern?s work.

3.3 Money sent to WBTC for the support of the intern?s work will be received y WBTC in its capacity as a charitable organization. Funds will generally be remitted by WBTC to the intern as an expense reimbursement a soon as it is practical to do so, subject to:

3.3.1 The retention by WBTC of an assessment;
3.3.2 The retention by WBTC of any interest earned on the money prior to its remittance to the intern.
3.3.3 The submission of an approved expense report with receipts attached.
3.4 Except as specifically noted otherwise in this agreement, WBTC has no financial responsibility in any matters connected with the intern's service.
3.5 Interns trust in God to supply the needs of their work and are fully responsible, under God, for generating donations to WBTC, designated for their work.
3.6 WBTC undertakes to work with the intern and the entity of assignment in determining the intern?s financial needs for living and ministry expenses.
3.7 WBTC as a charitable organization has, within the constraints of Canada legislation, absolute discretion over the use of all funds received as donations. However, WBTC permits donors to express their preferences regarding the use of gifts and agrees to use donations in accordance with the wishes of donors, with the understanding that when the need for the program or project has been met, or cannot be completed, the remaining designated funds will be used where needed most.

4. Health
The intern recognizes that situations in which s/he may be required to work and which s/he voluntarily accepts may involve physical and other risks.
4.1 WBTC requires the intern to have medical insurance while working outside of Canada, such insurance to include coverage for emergency air transportation to adequate medical facilities.
4.2 WBTC will not be held responsible for any accident or illness resulting from or attributable to the intern's work.

5. Statement of Beliefs
The intern accepts the Doctrinal Basis of WBTC. If the intern at any time no linger accepts the Doctrinal Basis, the member s/he will inform the Executive Officer of WBTC and will resign from his/her position of being an intern of WBTC if required to do so by the Executive Director.

6. Sensitive Christian Witness
As guests in countries, WBTC interns are requested to display sensitivity in all matters including witness to the national people. Interns shall work in agreement with local leaders and within the policy of the organization to which they are seconded or loaned.

7. Kidnapping
In the event of an intern?s kidnapping, no money will be paid by WBTC or its related organizations for ransom. Interns agree to take up an assignment despite the risk of kidnapping.

8. Burial
In some instances burial may need to take place in a country other than Canada due to local burial laws. WBTC cannot guarantee the return of the remains of the deceased to Canada for burial. All interns must make a will and notify the Personnel Department of its location before going overseas. Interns need to express their wishes for burial in their wills.

9. Conflict of Interest
Interns will not use their position in WBTC to personally benefit themselves or others, without first making full disclosure of such interest and possible profit and receiving clearance from the board of Directors of WBTC.

10. Use of Alcoholic Beverages
10.1 Because interns come from many church and cultural backgrounds, we ask our members to be sensitive to and tolerant of the preferences of others.
10.2 WBTC interns may work alongside personnel from other missions and national Christians who do not tolerate the use of alcoholic beverages in any quantity. In such cases, we ask that our members abstain from the use of alcohol.

11. Moral Conduct Standard
That each intern recognizes that being an intern in WBTC requires adherence to a Moral Conduct Standard which includes, but is not limited to, illegal acts (see enclosed form). Failure to live in conformity with the Moral Conduct Standard provides sufficient cause for disciplinary action, up to and including termination of being an intern. By signing the Intern Agreement the intern agrees to abide by the Moral Conduct Standard.

12. Legal Matters
That this Agreement will be read and agreed upon by each intern in conjunction with the bylaws and operating policies of WBTC. By signing this agreement the intern indicates that s/he understands and agrees to the terms stated in it. WBTC will not be held responsible for any legal matters resulting from or attributable to the intern?s work, other thn negligence on the part of WBTC.

Please complete one form per person and return it to the Personnel Administrator at Human Resources who is dealing with your file. I endorse the task of Wycliffe Bible Translators: We challenge, train, and assist Canadians to serve indigenous peoples through Bible translation and literacy-based development. I wish to be a part of this task by interning my services to


SIGNED: _______________________________________________________________

My social insurance number is _____________________________

Attached is the Moral Conduct Standard document.