The Morning Star Seminar 2016


October 03rd to October 05th


12:00 PM to 12:30 PM


St Olave’s Anglican Church, 360 Windermere Ave, Toronto

The Morning Star Seminar 2016: Chalcedonian Christology in Luther, Calvin and Hooker 

With The Rev'd Canon Dr Gary Thorne

Luther, Calvin and Hooker each point to the Council of Chalcedon in 451 as providing the definitive orthodox definition of the Person of Christ. Torrance Kirby (McGill) has demonstrated repeatedly how Chalcedonian Christology was paradigmatic for the magisterial reformers as they worked out their theologies of Grace and the Church.

Through a close reading of a few selected texts of each reformer we will see for ourselves the extent to which these magisterial reformers make use of the theological precision of Chalcedon to develop their key themes of justification, imputation, communicatio idiomatum, two kingdoms and the sacraments. Dr Thorne suggests that we will not only come to a better understanding of how these reformers are in fundamental agreement on their reformation theologies, but we will also discover how the reflection on the Chalcedonian definition of Christ in Luther and Calvin leads to Hooker’s mature sacramental and political theology.

Dr Thorne’s primary interest is to read Book V of Hooker’s Lawes in the light of Luther and Calvin’s appropriation of Chalcedonian Christology.


The Rev’d Canon Dr Gary Thorne

BA(Acadia), MA(Dal), MA(Dal), MDiv(AST), PhD(Durham), DD(Vind)

The Rev’d Canon Dr Gary Thorne serves as the chaplain at the University of King’s College and the Anglican chaplain to Dalhousie University.

Prior to joining the King’s community in 2006, Dr Thorne served as rector of Saint George’s Anglican Church in Halifax for 16 years.  During that time he founded Saint George’s YouthNet, an inner city youth ministry, and Halifax Humanities 101, a program to deliver university level teaching to those living in material poverty.  A reservist military chaplain for 23 years, Father Thorne was deployed to the Israel-Syria border in 2003, where he ministered to Canadian and UN troops during the beginning of the American invasion of Iraq.  He has served on several committees of the National Church.

His research interests include Patristics, monasticism, the study of expositors of classic Anglican theology, and Middle Byzantine Theology.   He is a longtime friend of Wycliffe College.  

Seminar Schedule

Monday October 3rd, 2016

12:00—2:00pm Arrival and Registration

2:00pm Welcome and opening prayers

2:15pm Reading Session 1

3:30pm Break

3:45pm Reading Session 2

5:00pm Evening Prayer

6:00pm Supper

7:00pm Reception


Tuesday October 4th, 2016

7:45am Breakfast

8:30am Morning Prayer

9:00am Reading Session 3

10:15am Break

10:35am Reading Session 4

12:00pm Holy Communion

12:30pm Lunch

2:00pm Reading Session 5

3:15pm Break

3:35pm Reading Session 6

5:00pm Evening Prayer

6:00pm Supper


Wednesday October 5th, 2016

7:45am Breakfast

8:30am Morning Prayer

9:00am Reading Session 7

10:15am Break

10:35am Reading Session 8

12:00pm Lunch

12:30pm Depart

To register, contact Katie Clogg 416-946-3524.

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