Theology Pub Night - Curses, Laments and Violence with Lissa Wray Beal


November 25th, 2022


7:00 PM


5 Hoskin Ave, Toronto, ON

Curses, Laments and Violence: The Old Testament as a Resource for the Church?

Throughout its history, Christianity’s relationship to the Old Testament (Hebrew Scriptures) has been approached in many ways. It is not surprising that with passages that justify violence and the invocation of curses upon one’s enemies that many have found it antithetical to a Christian message of love for your neighbour and universal forgiveness. Many ancient and modern readers have either ignored it, or outright rejected it due to its seeming incongruence with a vision of the Kingdom of God in Christ. It is not surprising that far fewer sermons are preached on Sundays based on Old Testament texts. Is this move warranted, or is it possible to redeem the stories and message of the Old Testament and see it as essential to a fuller understanding of God and his relation to His people? Join us in conversation with biblical scholar Lissa Wray Beal as we try to dispel some of the myths, discover some of the keys to interpreting difficult texts, and learn approaches that lead to a fuller understand of the text and its place in God’s self revelation.

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