Information for the New Academic Year

This page was last updated on August 19, 2021. For latest updates, visit the Coronavirus Response page.

Changes to Taking Courses at Wycliffe Fall 2021

The academic year 2021-22 will look very different from a year ago as Wycliffe works with the U of T to ensure a safe and healthy environment to return to on-campus learning for students, faculty and staff under the COVID-19 restrictions. We are offering some classes with in-person attendance using two of our classrooms. Participation will be limited by the guidelines provided by the Public Health guidance. In-person classes will have section code L0101. Students attending in person will be required to provide proof of vaccination, wear a face mask in the building, and there will be no social gathering before or after class in the building. 

Asynchronous (traditional online courses)

Wycliffe has offered online classes since 2001. These have the section code L6101 and are ‘asynchronous’. This means that there is no one time when the class has to be online together so a student has the flexibility to log into the class on QUERCUS whenever they want, to complete the weekly assignments.

Synchronous (remote)

Continuing  for 2021-2022 is the ‘synchronous’ delivery of classes using Zoom. These classes have the section code L9101 and all students registered are expected to log into the class on the day and time shown in the course description. Many of you experienced Zoom delivery at the end of the winter term or during the summer, but for those who have not used Zoom before there is some useful information at this link:


Before proceeding you will require a webcam and microphone. Laptops have these by default. If you have a desktop you will need to purchase a webcam (webcams come with built in microphone). A link on how to use Zoom:

Student feedback regarding the ease of use and the classroom experience have been overwhelmingly positive.  Clear instructions on how to participate in Zoom sessions are below and Faculty are working hard to adapt their courses to the dynamics of the current situation including changing lecture format, adapting assignments, and small group discussions, setting up online discussions, etc.  While these changes may affect some issues around scheduling particularly for intensive courses, we will continue to work with the posted schedule of classes in order to ensure as little conflict as possible for students. Faculty and staff are ready to help anyone who has any difficulties with Zoom.  All commitments to course delivery in our course syllabi are draft until the first day of class when the final version will be distributed.


Remote courses, including your participation, will be recorded on video and will be available to students registered in the class for viewing remotely after each session. Course videos and materials belong to your instructor, the College, and/or other sources depending on the specific facts of each situation, and are protected by copyright. Do not download, copy, or share any course or student materials or videos without the explicit permission of the instructor. For questions about recording and use of videos in which you appear please contact your instructor

Class attendance and participation in remote or synchronous online learning classes

The same expectations for student engagement and participation which applies to in-class learning also apply to remote or synchronous learning situations.  In order to get the most out of the course and in respect for their fellow students, students should set aside the time for Zoom when they are able to focus exclusively on the Zoom session.  Multi-tasking would be detrimental to the learning community.  We recommend finding a quiet space where you will not be interrupted.  We also encourage students to avoid browsing the web or looking at other sites while attending the zoom session. 

Students who log into the Zoom site but do not contribute during discussion times and are not visible through live video will not be counted as participating in the class.

Fall Registration

Registration opened on ACORN on July 19, 2021 for the fall and winter classes and the published deadline to have a REG status is August 11, 2021 . i.e. a contribution to tuition has to reach your account by this date.

Please check that you are showing eligible registrations for the fall /winter and let me know if there is a problem.

You will need to pay close attention to the delivery method of classes which will be indicated by the section code.  There are two new descriptors for the new academic year, asynchronous and synchronous.

Winter term 

In the winter term (Jan to April) our courses will be offered either remote (synchronous) or online (asynchronous). The section codes are L0101 for in person attendance on campus,  L9101 for synchronous delivery via Zoom and L6101 and for asynchronous. Please make sure that you choose the correct section to reflect your choice.

For those applying for OSAP for academic year 2021-22 you must show registration in both the fall and winter to release your funds. A minimum of 60% course workload is needed which is three fall and three winter classes to be eligible for full time OSAP.

For those of you who can wait to add winter classes you may want to see what happens in the fall and add winter classes in time to meet the published deadline to have a REG status for the winter – December 4, 2020.

If you have any questions about courses or course delivery please ask your student advisor or our registrar – Barbara Jenkins.

Important links

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Registrar's Office.


Library Services

The U of T library buildings are closed, but enhanced digital access is available and curbside delivery will be offered in the fall. Please see library updates at this link

For Key Academic dates for 2020-21 Academic Year  please see

Your academic advising will be via Zoom also.


Worship and Chapel Services

Praying and worshipping in community are integral to our life together at Wycliffe College. So what happens in the midst of a pandemic? We find new ways to bring the community together, and carry on. 

Morning Prayer continues in the Chapel beginning at 8:30 a.m., Monday to Friday.

  • Those living in the building—together with officiants, preachers and sacristans—can attend within Covid protocols. 

  • All others are invited to participate on live stream Chapel service

  • Student sermons on Tuesdays, delivered either in person or via live stream.

  • Text of the service with readings will accompany live stream video.

Wednesday community Eucharist is changed to Wednesday Evening Prayer with faculty sermons. 

  • Those living in the building—together with officiants, preachers and sacristans—can attend within Covid protocols. 

  • All others are invited to participate on live stream Chapel service

  • Faculty sermons—on appointed Psalms—in person or via live stream. 

  • No community dinner.

In the place of our regular Evening Prayer services we will be gathering together in fellowship groups to foster our community life. All students will be assigned to a group (of about 6 people) by degree and time zone. Groups are encouraged to pray together three times each week.

For more information, please see our short introductory video to Chapel in this time of Covid-19.  

Questions? contact Annette Brownlee, Chaplain at Wycliffe College.


Other information

Please visit the Study2021-22 page for FAQs and other useful information. For information on student council events, please come back to this page as further updates.