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Finding Jesus in Messy Church

Lucy Moore and Martyn Payne, keynote speakers at the Messy Church Canada Conference, October 2017 delve into the topic in three videos

  • Loving Jesus – a Christ-centred Messy Church
  • Making Jesus known - appropriate evangelism
  • Living like Jesus – discipleship

Messy Fiesta in Ottawa ON - March 3

Are you looking for a way to reach families who are not in your church on Sundays?

Have you started a Messy Church and want to find new ideas, discuss challenges and connect with other MC leaders?

Neil Mancor new Ottawa Valley RC AND Quebec RC

Many Messy thanks to Neil for taking on the Regional Coordination for the Ottawa Valley in addition to his current Region of the province of Quebec!  Neil Mancor  is from St. George's Messy Church in Ste Anne-de-Bellevue and can be contacted by email.  

Jump into 2018 with a Messy Meet Up

Let us know if you are interested in attending or hosting a Messy Meet Up - a gathering for Messy Church Leaders to share ideas, to plan, to solve problems and to get to know each other! If you are interested, please send us an email!

Joanne Brown - Niagara RC

Thanks to Joanne Brown at Christ Church Messy Church in Niagara Falls for her great work as the Regional Coordinator for the region of Niagara. Sadly we say goodbye to Joanne who is moving to

Nashville, Tennessee! All the very best, Joanne!!