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Please register your Messy Church with both Messy Church Canada and with Messy Church International.  Here’s why you should:

As part of our ‘Messy Family’ in Canada, we have a network of Regional Coordinators who are available to provide support to your local Messy Church Team. In addition, people look for Messy Churches to visit, to join, and even to volunteer in! Please register to be part of Messy Church Canada right here.

Registering your Messy Church on the International Messy Church site will ensure that your Messy Church will be included in the International database. What does this mean?  When somebody is looking for a Messy Church nearby they can use the search feature on the International site to find a Messy Church in their postal code area whether they want to visit, attend or volunteer. Please register here, remembering to click on the ‘submit’ button.


Information submitted on the Messy Church Registration Form is covered by Wycliffe College’s privacy policy and terms and conditions.

 In addition we may contact you, for example (but not limited to), to ask you to update the information we hold about your Messy Church, to query information already submitted, to inform you about developments within Messy Church or improvements to our website or to ask you to join in with a survey or other piece of research to aid the development of Messy Church.

If you have questions about this, please contact us.