Certificate in Missional Leadership and Formation


The Certificate in Missional Leadership and Formation is a cohort-based program which fosters skills in discerning mission, understanding culture, cultivating formation, and facilitating change. This program engages with leaders in the church who want to respond effectively to the significant challenges facing the church today.


Who It’s For?

  • Current church leaders, normally with an MDiv degree and at least 3 years of ministry experience  

  • People in church leadership who want to engage the significant challenges facing the church today


Time to Complete

  • Two years while still enagaged in your ministry setting


Details about Completion

  • Advanced reading, sharing, and interaction with other church leaders from a variety of church contexts.

  • Guest lecturers (past lecturers have included church and business leaders such as Mike Moynagh, Gary Nelson, and David Fitch)

  • Two years of colloquium-based courses that take place while you are still engaged in your ministry setting:
  1. Landing the Plane: the Missional Church on the Ground:  one-week intensive course (last week of August).
  2. Dual Citizenship: Gospel and Culture:  one-week intensive course
  3. No Longer Children: Teaching, Worship and Formation:  one-week intensive course
  4. Surfing the Edge of Chaos: Leadership for Today’s Church:  one-week intensive course (first week of June).
  • A project or written thesis.

 To Apply

Praise for the Program

Here is what some of the first cohort of the Missional Leadership and Formation program told us about what they had gained:

  • “Learning with, and from, seasoned practitioners makes Missional Leadership and Formation eminently real and gets to the core of what it means to engage in congregational ministry. Missional Leadership and Formation is not a "how-to” program, instead it offers something far more valuable. The program has helped me to better understand key factors that affect congregational ministry, not least of which is that we worship a missional God. Having graduated from seminary in 2001, Missional Leadership has been a great help in my “retooling” for ministry in the 21st century.”    [Michael Mondloch]


  • “This is a brilliant course with a brutal work load for those of us who are already over-extended, but well worth it. The one-week intensive in August was the most encouraging week I have spent in the Anglican Church in a long while, and this feeling has continued through the subsequent sessions.  These courses give me hope.”    [Dawn Henderson]


  • "If you are looking for continuing education that is inspirational as well as informative, this is it. I expected to learn, and did learn, new and cutting edge material and methods. Above and beyond that, I also found instructors and classmates who cared, and whose lively faith elevated my own. The course content is fresh and exciting, and has already made a practical difference in my day to day ministry."   [Kelly Cooper]


  • “The Missional Leadership Course has been a source of encouragement for me. The course has refocused and reenergized my ministry in the parish.”   [Peter Mills]
Professor Peter Robinson

“The CMLF is a two-year cohort program designed for priests and ministers who want to work through practical and vital questions of leadership in the context of the complex ministry situations they find themselves in. Today’s graduates of the CMLF each have a story to tell of God working in a transformative way in their communities.”  

Peter Robinson, Professor of Proclamation, Worship and Ministry