Master of Theological Studies (MTS)

MTS student in Leonard Hall

The Master of Theological Studies (MTS) invites students on 20 one-semester courses to develop a systematic understanding of the Christian faith. You will develop professional competencies providing a theological foundation for life, for ministry, or for vocational practice.


Who It’s For?

  • Those who want a general introduction to Christian scholarship and a deepening of the theological foundations of their faith. The MTS may also be used to prepare students for doctoral studies.


Flexible study options

  • Two years of full-time study, or up to eight years of part-time study
  • Students can switch between full-time and part-time by term
  • Distance learning is available.  In fact, the program can now also be completed entirely online.
  • Summer courses are offered
  • Students may tailor their electives to their own interests, from counseling to urban development to biblical languages. 



  • This program is comprised of 9 core courses, 8 or 9 free electives and a summative exercise worth 2 or 3 credits.

  • Core theological courses giving students a general theological base in scripture, theology, pastoral care, and history

  • Elective courses to prepare students for preaching, teaching, evangelism, counselling or further study.  

  • A summative exercise, with options ranging from a practical ministry placement to a thesis in preparation for doctoral work. 

Program Course Requirements


  • WYT1106H Intro to Missional Theology


  • WYP1610H The Church, The Faith, and Our World (1 credit)

  • WYB1008H Introduction to Old Testament I (1 credit)

  • WYB1009H Introduction to Old Testament II (1 credit)

  • WYB1501H From the Gospel to the Gospels (NT I) (1 credit)

  • WYB2660H Who is Jesus? (NT II) (1 credit)

  • __H1010H History of Christianity I (1 credit)

  • WYT1101H Systematic Theology I (1 credit)

  • WYT2101H Systematic Theology II (1 credit)

  • WYT1105H Teaching the Faith (1 credit)

  • *Summative Exercise (2 or 3 credits)

  • Free Electives (8 or 9 credits)


TOTAL COURSES (20 credits)

*Two (or three) credits at the end of the program are required as a summative exercise.

The following five options are available:

  • An integration paper of about 40 pages.

  • A survey of literature, about 40 pages in length.

  • A field-based project.

  • An extended research paper about 40 pages in length.

  • A thesis of about 60 pages (3 credits).


Qualifying for Doctoral Study

Students who achieve an "A-" average and develop an academic focus with a thesis during their program may use the MTS to qualify for doctoral study in the Toronto School of Theology.


Program Worksheet


To Apply

Ilana Wiebe

“Wycliffe provides an excellent forum for scholarship, Christian formation, and participation in God’s mission in the world. Its exceptional faculty and staff, warm community, and deep roots in the Anglican tradition ensure a unique and wonderful learning and growing experience. I have been richly blessed by God’s work through this place.”
- Ilana Wiebe, MTS ‘17