Regarding Online and Remote Courses in the 2020-21 Academic Year

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This fall at Wycliffe there will be some changes to our course delivery as the result of current COVID-19 restrictions.

1. All Fall 2020 online courses will continue as usual and be offered asynchronously, meaning that there are not scheduled video conferencing times for these courses.

2. All other courses will offer remote, synchronous access. Unlike an online course, remote courses require the attendance of students at the scheduled times. (The course schedule is posted on the Wycliffe website).  Wycliffe is using Zoom to administer these sessions and student feedback regarding the ease of use and the classroom experience have been overwhelmingly positive.  Clear instructions on how to participate in Zoom sessions are below and faculty and staff are ready to help for anyone who has any difficulties with Zoom.  Faculty are working hard to adapt their courses to the dynamics of the current situation including changing lecture format, adapting assignments and small group discussions, setting up online discussions, etc.  While these changes may affect some issues around scheduling particularly for intensive courses, we will continue to work with the posted schedule of classes in order to ensure as little conflict as possible for students.  All commitments to course delivery in our course syllabi are draft until the first day of class when the final version will be distributed.

3. Class attendance and participation in remote or synchronous online learning classes.  The same expectations for student engagement and participation which applies to in-class learning also apply to remote or synchronous learning situations.  Students who log into the Zoom site but do not contribute during discussion times and are not visible through live video will not be counted as participating in the class.

At this time, Wycliffe is planning that our Winter 2021 on-campus courses will be offered in-person.

***Attending a class remotely:

Please see information at

Before proceeding you will require a webcam and microphone. Laptops have these by default. If you have a desktop you will need to purchase a webcam (webcams come with built in microphone).

A link on how to use Zoom:

Some quick notes

  • When setting up Zoom, please use the same name as you registered in the class with so we can distinguish you in the waiting room.
  • Be in a quiet environment.
  • Headphones with a microphone are recommended.
  • Keep your microphone muted until you wish to contribute to the discussion.
  • When in a session and you want to pin a specific speaker's video to the large window, right click on the icon of the speaker and "Pin Video". This only works on the small icon at the top or side of the window.


Notice of video recording and sharing (Download and re-use prohibited)

Remote courses, including your participation, will be recorded on video and will be available to students in the course for viewing remotely and after each session. Course videos and materials belong to your instructor, the University, and/or other sources depending on the specific facts of each situation, and are protected by copyright. Do not download, copy, or share any course or student materials or videos without the explicit permission of the instructor. For questions about recording and use of videos in which you appear please contact your instructor.