Toronto Children's Ministry Conference 2018

Eventbrite - Toronto Children's Ministry Conference 2018

** These workshops were presented at the 2017 conference. Please stayed tuned for the 2018 conference workshops!**

There will be 3 workshop breakout sessions with a total of 14-15 workshops to choose from, which cover a range of topics such as christian education, discipleship, special needs, curriculum, spirituality, and leadership in children's ministry. All workshops last for an hour.

See workshop schedule here.

The ABCs of Christian Educating

Learning Track: Christian Education

Starting with an overview of the basic elements in teaching and learning, we will then look at some ways that a teacher can enhance the educational process, including a reliance on the Holy Spirit.

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Learning Track: Discipleship

This workshop will build on Dave's keynote presentation by guiding participants in theologically reflecting on their particular contexts for nurturing children. Leaders will have opportunities to name changes facing the church, explore what this means for children's ministry, and determine how we can best respond to maximize our potential for forming young disciples.

Godly Play Workshop

Learning Track: Curriculum

Godly Play is an innovative approach that teaches children the art of using Christian language and helps them become more fully aware of the mystery of God’s presence in their lives. When Christian language is learned by the Godly Play approach, it is learned as a means to know God and to make meaning of our lives. This approach is quite different from the traditional model in which the teacher tells the children what they need to know. Godly Play is not about things that are that simple. It is not just about learning lessons or keeping children entertained. It is about locating each lesson in the whole system of Christian language and involving the creative process to discover the depths of meaning in them. It’s about understanding how each of the stories of God’s people connects with the child’s own experience and relationship with God. Godly Play respects the innate spirituality of children and encourages curiosity and imagination in experiencing the mystery and joy of God. In this workshop we will hear a Godly Play story and learn of the core theoretical principles that undergird this method.  

How Children Learn


Learning Track: Christian Education

Standing in front of a group of children and reading off the lesson isn’t going to cut it! As leaders we should inspire children, actively involve them in learning, recognize different learning styles, and realize that it is okay to have an awkward *pause* before children respond to our questions (they need time to process!).  

Welcoming children with autism spectrum disorder and their families 
to local churches


Learning Track: Special Needs

The number of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has increased dramatically over the past few decades in North America.  How can local churches be prepared to welcome and include them in the congregation and to support them to find hope in Jesus Christ to cope with life challenges in raising a child with ASD?

From Boredom and Chaos to Meaningful Engagement in
Children's Ministry


Learning Track: Christian Education 

How do we teach our children’s ministry programs so that children will engage in the learning with their minds, bodies and hearts? How do we avoid the extremes of boredom and chaos?   We will address these issues as we consider teaching through various learning styles and “intelligences” and as we discuss practical methods of classroom management in children’s ministry contexts.

Growing Church Schools


Learning Track: Leadership

Organizational basics to start or revitalize a Church School. Suggestions for selection, nurturing and support of the Church School teaching team.  A notebook of the Power Point slides presented will be given to each participant.

Unpacking the Bible in 50 minutes


Learning Track: Discipleship

A brief overall review of the structure of the Bible. How God’s plan for our salvation developed through the Old Testament. There will be an understanding on who Christ is and how his sacrificial death gives us the means of salvation. Power Point presentaion with a booklet of the slides and notes will be given to each participant.

KidMin Check Up: Evaluate & Refocus


Learning Track: Leadership

When was your last children's ministry check-up? Never? Been a while? With the busyness of life and ministry responsibilities it's too easy to put off evaluating in favour of 'just getting it done' . In this workshop we'll help you evaluate your priorities and refocus your resources and efforts by discussing 8 essential factors for forming faith in children.

Affirming Presence: Supporting Children with Disabilities


Learning Track: Special Needs

This workshop will discuss how Christian churches could be a conduit of Jesus’ love for children with disabilities and their families. A nurturing environment is important for the growth of all children; it is no different for children with disabilities. Love and understanding go a long way to affirm children with disabilities and their families as part of the Body of Christ. By welcoming them into the Body, everyone involved will experience the wholeness of the Body and enjoy the gifts that each member will bring. Ample examples of children with a range of conditions such as attention deficit and hyperactive disorder (ADHD), learning disabilities (LD) and autism spectrum disorder will be used to illustrate classroom setup and programming considerations as well as behaviour management principles. A resource list will be provided at the workshop.


Making the Curriculum Connection

Learning Track: Curriculum

In this session Ken will be presenting several different curricula as well as offering a time of question and answer to help you in your children’s ministry area.
With 26 years of ministry experience, a husband, father of 3 children and a grandfather, Ken has a heart for children’s spiritual growth.

Children in the Bible and the Bible in Children


Learning Track: Curriculum

During this seminar we will look at the value of children learning from and ‘hiding’ God’s Word in their hearts. Specifically we will see how the Community Bible Study curriculum encourages transformed lives in children.


Children's Social and Emotional Life Inside and Outside of the Home

Learning Track: Spirituality

An overview of Erik Erikson's theory of psycho-social development from baby to about grade 6 and implications for those involved in the teaching and nurture of children. The presentation will engage with Erikson's theory from a Christian perspective. 


Baking & Bible: How growing, making and eating food can transform children's ministry


Learning Track: Discipleship

Let's get baking! Together we'll make a simple and very kid friendly Communion bread recipe and all participants will take home the recipe and a mini communion loaf! Then we'll explore practical ways for how to bring food into your children's ministry including social action projects, community outreach, environmental stewardship, and involvement in the Eucharist. All are welcome - no baking experience necessary! 
You Wake Up Monday morning and it’s Friday Afternoon


Learning Track: Leadership

This workshop is aimed at staff workers. It will cover a range of the nuts and bolts of developing and maintaining a sustainable, effective children’s ministry, including strategy, leadership care, common challenges and opportunities and more. 

Developing Intergenerational Ministry

Learning Track: Discipleship

This workshop is aimed at volunteers and staff workers that want to begin or better develop intergenerational ministry opportunities at their church. Practical tips and steps for planning and leading intergenerational events and worship experiences will be shared in this hands on workshop.


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