Theology Pub Night

Have you wanted to find a place to enjoy a nice cold beer, cider, and/or pop * (that's 'soda' or 'cola' to our American friends), snack on popcorn and chips, and listen to theological perspectives on a variety of topics? Then our Theological Pub night is the place you need to try out. On the last Friday of the month Wycliffe, in partnership with The Meeting House, provides an ideal location to grab a cold beverage, mingle with others, and join in a spirited conversation on a range of topics. We start with a time of socializing and then move into an interview with someone in the know about the topic and then open the floor for questions and answers.


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Theology Pub Night (virtually)

Time: Friday, Sept 24, 7:00 PM
Guest: Justin Stratis
Topic:  Why theology still has relevance today
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In an age of increasing diversity of views and an unlimited supply of information and opinions, it is becoming harder and harder for us to navigate the world in which we live. As a church, there are many possible ways in which we can engage our neighbours, our communities, and our society. Join us Friday for a discussion on why “good theology” is an important anchoring point for not only ourselves but also in the way we operate in our diverse contexts.

Grab a cold drink and some snacks and we look forward to seeing you Friday at 7 PM.

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