Theology Pub Night

Have you wanted to find a place to enjoy a nice cold beer, cider, and/or pop * (that's 'soda' or 'cola' to our American friends), snack on popcorn and chips, and listen to theological perspectives on a variety of topics? Then our Theological Pub night is the place you need to try out. On the last Friday of the month Wycliffe, in partnership with The Meeting House, provides an ideal location to grab a cold beverage, mingle with others, and join in a spirited conversation on a range of topics. We start with a time of socializing and then move into an interview with someone in the know about the topic and then open the floor for questions and answers.


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Theology Pub Night (virtually)

Time: April 30, 2021 - 7:00 PM
Guest: Dr. Wyatt Graham and +Stephen Andrews
Topic: Divorce, Greed, Politics, and Other Myths of the English Reformation
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Popular belief holds that the English reformation was primarily motivated by political intrigue, the King’s desire for a divorce, and the desire of the crown to seize lands held by the church. Yet the English reformers made valuable contributions to the theology of the reformation as a whole and have had a lasting impact on the Global church. Grab your favorite beverage and join us for some of the stories, the theology and the enduring impact of these faithful visionaries.

Dr. Wyatt Graham Executive Director Gospel Coalition Canada Dr. Wyatt Graham loves writing and spirituality. His passion is to connect head with heart through engaging with the best spiritual writings that the Christian church has produced. Wyatt earned a BA in Philosophy and Religion with a minor in Greek at Liberty University. He also gained an MDiv and ThM in Old Testament from the Master's Seminary. He went on to earn another ThM in Church History/Patristics from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, as well as a PhD in Biblical Theology. His dissertation focused on the Psalms. Currently, he serves as the executive director of the Gospel Coalition Canada. He has spoken in a variety of ecclesial and academic settings and regularly writes a column called DeTrinitate for TGC Canada on the intersection of life and theology.
The Rt Rev. Dr Stephen Andrews<br />
Principal and Helliwell Professor of Biblical Interpretation<br />
Bishop Stephen Andrews is the Principal of Wycliffe College. His academic interests lie in the area of Jewish biblical interpretation in the Second Temple period. He has taught courses on the Prophets of Israel, the Pauline Epistles, Christian Worship, Biblical Hermeneutics, Mark's Gospel, and the Development of Christian Thought. Stephen has served as the former President of Thorneloe University in Sudbury, and as Bishop of the Diocese of Algoma. Besides administrative duties, travelling and preaching on behalf of the institution, he is an honorary assistant at St Paul's Anglican Church in Toronto.