Being Senior Student During the Pandemic


During this time of the pandemic, our students have all adapted to remote learning. It's not always been an easy transition. Many are missing the experience of in-person community that Wycliffe is known for. The Fall/Winter edition of Wycliffe's alumni magazine, Insight, features a story by senior student Amber Tremblett on what the pandemic has meant to her in that role. Amber writes, 

"When I accepted the nomination for the role of Senior Student for 2020-2021 I certainly did not see myself in the position I am in now. I made plans for the community I had come to know and love that were specific to the way I had come to know and love it. I planned on doing most things in ways that were familiar to me and to Wycliffe. I also had some new ideas that I thought might work for our tight-knit community. Throughout all the brainstorming and vision-casting, I had this vague notion that it would be pretty easy to be Senior Student. Then the pandemic changed our lives. Most significantly for me, it changed everything about my role as Senior Student. I knew—in not so uncertain terms—that God was telling me to gain some humility."

Read Amber's reflections in the digital edition of Insight here.