Wycliffe College Application

Application Type
Please identify the type of application you are submitting. You can apply to one of our degree programs (such as the MDiv, MTS, or MTSD), or you may apply as an occasional student, not formally enrolled in one of our degree programs.
Program Information
To what program are you applying:
(Please note that all six of these programs are at the graduate level)
Proposed Status in this program:
Do you intend to begin with online courses?
Personal Information
Present Address
Church Information
Employment History, Languages & Interests
Academic History
InstitutionDegree Sought And/Or EarnedLength of Programme (yrs)Highest Academic Year AttendedAttended - FromAttended - ToConferred
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Extended Questions
Please answer the following six questions. Answers need not be a specific length, but usually range from about 200-500 words each.
College Matters
Full-time students (and in some cases, part-time students) are eligible to apply for bursary assistance from Wycliffe College.
Reference Information
If you are are a Professional Graduate Degree Program Applicant, please provide the names of three people well acquainted with you, who have agreed to provide letters of reference for you. One referee should be a member of the clergy, and another should be able to comment on your academic ability. If you are not well acquainted with any of your former university professors, please attempt to choose someone who has taught you in some capacity. If you are applying for Occasional Studies, please arrange for a letter from a member of the clergy.
Reference 1 (Clergy)
Present Address
Reference 2 (Academic)
Present Address
Reference 3 (Other)
Present Address
A cover letter and standard form will be sent by The Admissions Office directly to each of these three people. Reference can also be completed through email, should your references have online access. Within two weeks of submitting your application to Wycliffe College, please contact each reference to ensure that the request has been received and will be returned shortly.
  1. Occasional students must have a university degree or its equivalent, with at least a 'B' average in the final year.
  2. They are subject to the same course & administrative procedures, deadlines, & regulations as degree students.
  3. They may take no more than two courses a semester, and six courses total without permission of Faculty. They may take further courses if they enroll in a degree program. Wycliffe will credit TST courses satisfactorily completed towards a Wycliffe degree, subject to the lapsed time rule (after 8 years a course is considered to be 'stale dated').
  4. They may normally take only Professional Graduate Degree courses (numbered 1000 - 3999). TST course prerequisites must be observed.
  5. If information on the application is false or misleadingly incomplete, registration may be revoked retroactively and academic penalities assigned.
  6. Occasional students are welcome to participate in college worship. They also enjoy certain privileges extended by the Students' Council.
  7. Applications should be received one month before the start of classes.
Application Fee
A non-refundable application fee of CDN $50 made payable to Wycliffe College must be sent to Wycliffe College within a week of submitting this application. This fee cannot be waived.
While you are not required to do so, you may include a recent photograph with your application fee.
Official Transcripts:
Original, official transcripts of all university work to date must be sent directly from the institution(s) where you studied to: Wycliffe College, 5 Hoskin Ave, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1H7 CANADA. Transcripts issued to the student will not be accepted.
An official transcript with your results must be mailed directly to The Admissions Office at Wycliffe.
The final stage of the application process for Master of Divinity applicants is an interview. Local applicants will be interviewed at Wyclife College by The Admissions Committee. Alternative arrangements for an interview will be made for applicants living at a distance from the College.
May 31 is the Professional Graduate Degree application deadline for September admission, with early application recommended (particularly for the Master of Divinity program). Applications received after this will be considered on a rolling basis until August 1. Full-time applicants are encouraged to apply for September entry. October 1 is the Professional Graduate Degree application deadline for January admission, again with early application recommended. Letters of reference and university transcripts may arrive up to one month following the above deadlines. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the supporting documentation is received on time.
Offer of Admission:
Wycliffe College's admissions process works on a rolling-basis. This allows an applicant to submit his/her application form at any time. If the applicant meets the school's standards, an offer of admission is made immediately if there is still space available. Master of Divinity applicants must be interviewed prior to a decision concerning an offer of admission. Please send your completed application form to: The Admissions Office, Wycliffe College, 5 Hoskin Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1H7 CANADA. Faxed application forms will not be accepted.
Data on the enclosed Student Information Form are inventoried in the University computer and must be considered public. Transcripts and academic records may be shared with the academic authorities of the University of Toronto and the Toronto School of Theology. The self-evaluation is considered confidential, and is available only to College officials. No College documentation pertaining to an applicant or student is shared with denominational officials without the written permission of the aplicant or student.
I certify that the information I have provided in this application is true, complete and accurate in all respects, including my declaration as to citizenship and immigration status in Canada, institutions attended, and that all available information in this application has been disclosed. I understand that if Wycliffe College or the Toronto School of Theology finds to the contrary, my association with, admission to or registration in any program may be rescinded and canceled after notice in writing to me at my permanent or sessional address. All information I have provided in connection with this application is subject to verification and audit by the Toronto School of Theology. I consent to the disclosure by Wycliffe College of personal information I have given in this application to referees I have named and to other educational institutions when necessary to verify my statements. The name used in this application is the complete name by which I am legally and correctly known. I understand that if I have not previously applied to or registered at one of the Toronto School of Theology member colleges, this name will be officially recognized in academic records of the Toronto School of Theology and its member colleges, and it will not be changed there without formal verification. I understand that if I have previously applied to or registered at the University of Toronto or one of the member colleges of the Toronto School of Theology and the name in this application is other than that by which I am known in academic records of the aforementioned, I must complete a change of name form. I understand that all documentation submitted becomes the property of the Toronto School of Theology and/or its member colleges and cannot be returned. Finally, I understand that if I desire to be considered for admission at a later date I will be required to complete a new application to resubmit my documents.