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We are now accepting applications for Winter 2022, for the following programs:

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Applications are now open for the following programs to begin in the fall for September 2021  

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Applications are being accepted by TST for the following program for a spring 2021 start. 

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Contact our Admissions and Recruitment Office

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  • Call us: 416-946-3547
  • Write to us: Admissions Office, Wycliffe College, 5 Hoskin Avenue, Toronto, ON M5S 1H7


How to Apply:

Professional Degrees (MTS, MDiv, certificates, and diplomas)

Online Application Form

  • Priority Deadline: May 31

  • Late applications: July 1, as space permits.


  • Bachelor's degree (any subject) from an accredited university, or from a Toronto School of Theology (TST) approved Bible College

  • A minimum average of B- (70%)



With your online application, we require the following:


3 References

  • 1 clergy, 1 academic, and 1 supervisory

  • No family members
  • If you can't supply a reference in one category, please substitute a second reference from another category.

  • Please include someone who has taught you in some capacity.

The Admissions office will send a cover letter and standard form directly to each of the three people. Please contact each referee within two weeks of submitting your application, to ensure that they have received their request and will return it as soon as possible.



Official Transcripts

  • Original, official transcripts of all university work to date must be mailed directly from the institution(s) where you studied to the Admissions office.

  • Transcripts issued to the student will not be accepted.


Application Fee

  • A non-refundable application fee of CDN $50 made payable to Wycliffe College must accompany your application form.


Visiting Students

If you are currently studying at another academic institution but want to take a Wycliffe course, please apply as a visiting student.


Special Status Applicants

A limited number of spaces are available in the Master of Divinity program if you're a student who

  • hasn’t completed an undergraduate degree

  • has completed at least one year of university undergraduate courses with at least a B- (70%) average, normally within the previous five years

The limit for admitting students in this category is set by our accrediting body (the Association of Theological Schools), and by our agreement with the TST and the University of Toronto.

You must have a written endorsement by a bishop or diocesan representative in the Anglican community. The endorsement must be addressed to the Professional Graduate Degree Director at Wycliffe College. For more information, contact the Admissions office.

If you're admitted in this category, you'll be considered a “special student” until you have successfully completed 10 credits of study at Wycliffe. Then the courses will be transferred to the Master of Divinity program.

In addition, if you don’t have an undergraduate degree but have vocational and educational experience that can be seen as equivalent to a university education, you may be admitted to the Diploma in Christian Studies program.


International Students

If you're an international student or someone who has not completed a previous degree in the English language, you must demonstrate facility in English by taking one of the following tests and achieving the stated minimum result:


Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
  • Paper format: overall score of 580 and 5 in Test of Written English

  • Internet format: 93 overall and at least 22 in each of the speaking and writing sections


Academic Preparation Level 60 (Advanced)

(offered by the School of Continuing Studies at the U of T)

  • Required Score: B


International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • Required score 7.0


 The Professional Graduate Degree Director may in compelling cases use other evidence to determine English fluency.

 Please note that we cannot accept test results that are older than two years at the time of application.


Paper Application Forms

If needed, you may contact the Admissions office for a paper copy of the application form. The mailing address is:

The Admissions Office
Wycliffe College
5 Hoskin Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 1H7

For further information about Admissions, please see the Basic Degree Handbook, which governs the Professional Graduate Degree programs (formerly Basic Degree programs).

Academic Graduate Degree (PhD, ThM, MA)

As an Academic Graduate Degree applicant to the Master of Arts in Theology (MA) and the Master of Theology (ThM), you must have:

  • At least a three-year undergraduate degree from an accredited university, or from a Toronto School of Theology (TST) approved Bible College

As a PhD or DMin applicant, you must have

  • An appropriate master's degree with a minimum A- average (80%+)

 You can see additional requirements for each Academic Graduate Degree program on the TST’s website.



You may apply by mail or online. You need to complete GCTS (Graduate Centre for Theological Studies) application form:

  1. GCTS Graduate Degree Application form 


With your application, the TST requires the following:


Application Fee

  •  A non-refundable application fee of CDN $125 made payable to the Toronto School of Theology


Official Transcripts

  •  Original, official transcripts of all your university work to date must be mailed directly from the institution(s) where you studied to the TST address listed above.

  •  Transcripts issued to the student will not be accepted.



  • Ask two referees to send letters of academic reference directly to the TST address listed above.

  • The TST does not have a form for letters of reference but prefers that the referees comment candidly on your qualifications to pursue and complete graduate studies.


Evidence of Facility in English

If your first language is not English, you must provide evidence of facility in English with one of the following:

  • Graduation with a minimum two-year arts degree from a university where the language of instruction and examination is English

  • A satisfactory score on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) academic version, or the Certificate of Proficiency in English (COPE)

  • A grade of B in the advanced (level 60) Academic Preparation course in the English Language Program of the School of Continuing Studies of the University of Toronto, or equivalent standing at a comparable institution

For the tests, you must have achieved the stated minimum result:


  • Computer-based: overall score of 250

  • Internet-based: overall score of 93, with a minimum of 22 on the writing and the speaking sections

  • Paper-based: overall score of 600, with a 5.0 in the Test of Written English (TWE)


  • Only the academic version is accepted

  • Overall score of 7.0 with no component below 6.5


  • Overall score of 76, with at least 22 in every component and 32 in the writing component

You can request a TOEFL and TWE examination. Use the TST institution code 0655 and the department code 99.


PhD Applicants Only

If you’re a PhD applicant, you must submit an academic writing sample (between 20 to 50 pages) as part of your application.

Format the sample as .pdf or .doc and email it to the TST’s GCTS Office after you’ve submitted your application.


Paper Application Forms

If needed, you may contact the TST office for a paper copy of the application form. The mailing address is:

Professor Jerry Skira
Director for Graduate Degree Studies Programs
Toronto School of Theology
47 Queen's Park Crescent East
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 2C3