Academic Year Residence

Admission to Residence

Wycliffe offers a great place to live for students of Wycliffe College, Toronto School of Theology and the University of Toronto


Occupancy Period

Admission to the Residence and the terms of the Student Residency Agreement normally correspond to the period of the full Academic Year (the Fall and Winter terms). Residents may apply for additional terms (such as Summer term) or years subject to the approval of the Residence Don. Continuing residence at Wycliffe is subject to the judgement of the Residence Don and Staff. Renewal of the Residency Agreement is not guaranteed. Residence and College close for a period over the Christmas holidays. It is assumed that residents will be away from the Residence during that period; this period is not included in the fee schedule. Should a resident wish to stay in Residence during this period he or she may apply to stay and pay an additional fee to cover basic expenses.


Meal Plan

Fees during the Academic Year include both room and board. During the Academic Year the meal plan is mandatory for all residents—there are no exceptions to this rule. Neither the meal plan nor the room itself is transferable. Should a resident be temporarily absent from the Residence (e.g., a month-long stint for research abroad), no refund of fees shall be given for this period.


Payment of Fees

Fees for each term are payable through the U of T ACORN system, in the same way tuition fees are paid. In cases where it is necessary to await scholarship/bursary/loan monies prior to paying fees, it may be possible to make arrangements with the Accountant after arrival, but this is not a guarantee.


Overdue Fees

Fees owing at the end of the first month of each term will be considered delinquent and charged a late fee of 1% per month. Delinquent accounts are considered a breach of the Student Residency Agreement and may be considered grounds for voiding the Agreement, eviction, and forfeiture of the deposit.


Security Deposit

Upon being admitted to the Residence, a security deposit of $500 is required to guarantee the spot--written notice of cancellation of reservation must be received by the Residence Don at least thirty (30) days prior to the start of the residency period in order to receive a refund of the deposit, less a $50 administration fee. The deposit will be retained by the College during the period of residency. The deposit is refundable upon fulfillment of the terms of the Student Residency Agreement and is contingent upon returning the room and its furniture in similar condition as when first occupied. If the Student Residency Agreement is breached for any reason during the period of the Agreement, the resident forfeits the deposit. In addition, in such cases Wycliffe retains the right to hold the resident responsible for the total cost of the term of the Student Residency Agreement. If the College itself initiates termination of a Student Residency Agreement for any reason, fees will be refunded beginning from the date given for vacating the residence, as indicated on the termination notice; in such cases, the deposit will be considered forfeit.

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