Auditing Courses

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Covid-19 Update: Wycliffe is making it possible for you to study from wherever you are this coming academic year


If you are not sure about theological education or are just interested in learning more from our excellent faculty, you may want to audit a class. You can sit in, follow along and participate in class like a student enrolled in one of our programs.  

If you are interested in auditing a course at Wycliffe College, please fill out our audit form below.

The current audit fee is $320.00 per course. Senior citizens and Wycliffe alumni receive a 50% discount.  Full-time TST students, and spouses of full-time Wycliffe students, are waived from auditing fees.

Here is what you should know about auditing a course:

  1. Auditors are fully qualified students who are present for and participate in classes with the permission of and according to the policy set forth by the instructor of the course.
  2. Auditors may not write the final examination for the course or submit comparable materials that would be equivalent to the final examination.
  3. Courses taken as audit may not be converted to credit courses at a later date.
  4. Auditors are expected to complete the readings as assigned and contribute to class discussion.

To see what fall or winter courses are currently being offered at Wycliffe, please search our courses.

Click here to fill out the audit form