Wycliffe Centre for Scripture and Theology: Colloquium

The Scripture and Theology Colloquium is a semi-annual gathering of faculty, pastors, students and others who are interested in exploring the dynamic interactions of scripture and theology. With a panel of world-class experts, the colloquium will alternate between larger theological topics and at other times the colloquium will endeavour to take up a book or chapter of the Bible as the theme.

"The Future of Old Testament Canonical Interpretation"

Oct. 23, 2020   2pm-4pm

On October 23rd Chris Seitz will be sharing his thoughts and experience on the topic, The Future of Old Testament Canonical Interpretation. Panelists Beth Stovell, Don Collett, Andy Witt, and Mark Gignilliat will then join the conversation, discussing Seitz's festschrift on the topic. A question and answer time will follow, led by Prof. Mark Elliott, along with a brief celebration of Prof. Seitz's scholarly contribution and a presentation to him of a celebratory volume.

The recording of the Scripture and Theology Colloquium 2020 can be found at, https://youtu.be/qNgekvlAkjI.


Christopher Seitz: Senior research professor of biblical interpretation, Wycliffe College

Christopher Seitz was Professor of Old Testament at Yale University and the University of St Andrews before coming to Wycliffe in 2007. He is an ordained Episcopal Priest and has served parishes in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Germany, France and Scotland. He is the past President of the Anglican Communion Institute and has been involved in recent work on behalf of Communion life. He is the editor of Studies in Theological Interpretation and is on the Advisory Board of the Scripture and Hermeneutics Consultation.

Beth Stovell: Chair, General Theology Studies and Associate Professor of Old Testament, Ambrose University
Beth Stovell studied the ancient world, the Bible, Christian Spirituality, and English Literature in the United States and Canada, specializing in biblical hermeneutics, the use of the Old Testament in the New Testament, and the use of biblical metaphors, particularly in the Minor Prophets and in the Johannine corpus. Stovell has published on biblical hermeneutics, the use of Old Testament metaphors of God’s kingship in John’s Gospel, and recent approaches to metaphor in the Old and New Testaments and cares about bridging the gap between the academy and the Church. Stovell has written for a number of scholarly journals and books, commentaries, and popular magazines such as Faith Today, Christianity Today, and Bible Study Magazine. She also sits on the editorial board for the Bulletin for Biblical Research, Didaktikos: Journal of Theological Education, and DNI (Dictionary of Nature Imagery) Bible Supplement Series.

Don Collett: Associate Professor of Old Testament, Trinity School for Ministry
Don C. Collett (PhD, University of St. Andrews) is associate professor of Old Testament and director of the MDiv program at Trinity School for Ministry in Ambridge, Pennsylvania. Collett's current research interests include The Book of the Twelve; Hosea; Jonah; Job; Ecclesiastes; theological exegesis, hermeneutics, literary theory, Biblical Theology, Old Testament theology, philosophical theology, sensus literalis, figural reading, allegory, and the reception history of Scripture in the early church. His most recent publication, Figural Reading and the Old Testament, examines the tension between figural and literal modes of exegesis as they developed in Christian thought, introduces ongoing debates and discussions concerning figural readings of Scripture, and offers theological readings of several significant Old Testament passages.

Andy Witt: Assistant Professor of Old Testament, Tyndale University
Dr. Witt is a recent addition to Tyndale's core faculty after teaching a number of courses prior. Witt's area of specialty is the Old Testament, teaching courses such as the Psalms, Old Testament Theology, and Biblical Hebrew, but has also taught the New Testament survey course.

Mark Gignilliat: Professor of Divinity, Beeson University
Mark Gignilliat began his teaching tenure at Beeson Divinity School in 2005. He teaches Hebrew, Old Testament exegesis and Old Testament theology, with teaching interests including biblical theology, theological exegesis and the history of interpretation. Gignilliat most recently published Reading Scripture Canonically: Theological Instincts for Old Testament Interpretation (Baker, 2019) and Micah in the International Theological Commentary (T&T Clark, 2019). His other books include A Brief History of Old Testament Criticism (Zondervan, 2012) and Karl Barth and the Fifth Gospel (Routledge, 2009). Gignilliat has contributed to various edited books, peer-reviewed journals and magazines. He also serves as the canon theologian at the Cathedral Church of the Advent in Birmingham, Alabama.

Wycliffe College is a vital institution of Christian teaching and learning, engaging scholars, seminarians, masters, and doctoral students across the theological disciplines. Among its special commitments is the intellectual renewal of Scriptural and Theological study as a mutually informing discipline in the service of the Christian Church. The Wycliffe Centre for Scripture and Theology serves this purpose by:

  1. Offering regular for-credit seminars on the theological study of Scripture, which will include exegesis, hermeneutics, history of interpretation, and Scriptural theology.
  2. Organizing regular colloquia at Wycliffe – one per semester – that will bring more established and younger scholars together with faculty and Advanced Degree students for discussion of current work being done in these areas.
  3. Foster an atmosphere among interested faculty and students at Wycliffe and the Toronto School of Theology that strengthens scholarly collegiality and mission.