Wycliffe Centre for Scripture and Theology - Colloquium

Wycliffe Centre for
Scripture and Theology Fall 2018 Colloquium:
"Martyrdom and its Scriptural Shape"

Friday October 19th

(Morning refreshments and Friday lunch provided.)

** Participants are encouraged to also register for the Canadian-American Theological Association Meeting taking place Oct. 20th **



Catherine Sider-Hamilton:  Perpetua and St. Paul -- Wycliffe

Brian Butcher:  The Witness of the East  (Ukraine) -- TST/Sheptytsky Institute

Joseph Tse-Hei Lee:  Chinese Martyrdom Under Mao -- Pace University 

Charles Pinches:  The Scriptural Theology of Martyrdom -- University of Scranton


Wycliffe College is a vital institution of Christian teaching and learning, engaging scholars, seminarians, masters, and doctoral students across the theological disciplines. Among its special commitments is the intellectual renewal of Scriptural and Theological study as a mutually informing discipline in the service of the Christian Church. The Wycliffe Centre for Scripture and Theology serves this purpose by:

  1. Offering regular for-credit seminars on the theological study of Scripture, which will include exegesis, hermeneutics, history of interpretation, and Scriptural theology.
  2. Organizing regular colloquia at Wycliffe – one per semester – that will bring more established and younger scholars together with faculty and Advanced Degree students for discussion of current work being done in these areas.
  3. Foster an atmosphere among interested faculty and students at Wycliffe and the Toronto School of Theology that strengthens scholarly collegiality and mission.