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Vestigia Dei  – is a Latin term meaning “traces of God.” As a theological term it is associated with natural theology – that is, the view that there are vestiges of God within creation. We’ve chosen this term as the title of the Wycliffe College blog because our hope is that through these writings, readers might glimpse evidences for God as our writers interact with the wider world. 

Young woman holding textbook over her face

Advice for combining study with employment

By Ephraim Radner

I often tell my doctoral students that if they have an outside job of more than 10 to 15 hours per week, the chances are that their dissertation will be the worse for it, or that it might not get d

Mon, November 18, 2019

wooden cross on a blank wall

The hard work of forgiveness and reconciliation

By Wanda Malcolm

We are a people who have been made right in our relationship with God through the sacrificial life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Mon, November 11, 2019

John Newton Stain Glass Window (credit: Adam Jones from Kelowna, BC, Canada)

The call to ministry: some eighteenth century advice

By Thomas Power

You may be familiar with Rev. John Newton (1725-1807) as the author of the famous hymn, Amazing Grace.

Mon, November 04, 2019

Time elapse photo of stars (Photo by Hanson Lu on Unsplash)


By Mark Elliot

“Providence” sounds such a heavy word. Portentous.

Mon, October 28, 2019

Charles Meeks head shot

On being awarded the Brother Jeffrey Gros Memorial Student Prize

By Charles Meeks

Wycliffe College PhD student Charles Meeks reflects on being awarded the Brother Jeffrey Gros Memorial Student Prize.

Mon, October 21, 2019

Woman praying with open Bible on her lap

God is in the details: further thoughts on theological interpretation of Scripture

By Joseph Mangina

In a recent post on this blog (September 17), my colleague Peter Robinson set forth a basic explanation of the theological interpretation of Scripture, often referred to as TIS.

Mon, October 14, 2019

Bells - Photo by Arturo Rey on Unsplash

The optimism of Ecclesiastes

By Chris Seitz

My wife and I live in a small village—a hamlet—in rural France, and as in all the villages around us, we have an ancient parish church, with its strong bells regulating life.

Mon, October 07, 2019

Judy Paulsen

My Journey with Jesus: A Symphony in Five Movements

By Judy Paulsen

It began in my childhood home in northwest India. My father was a Canadian Anglican priest who, after serving as a padre during the horrors of the Second World War, went to ministe

Mon, September 30, 2019

Bible by Caleb Woods unsplash

Theological Interpretation of Scripture: “not a method but a mode”

By Peter Robinson

“The soul watered by sacred Scripture grows fat and bears fruit in due season, which is the orthodox faith, and so is it adorned with its evergreen leaves, with actions pleasing to God, I mean.

Mon, September 23, 2019

Parents and two young children - Photo by Julie Johnson on Unsplash

On being a parent and a student at the same time

By Annette Brownlee

I remember a Wycliffe student of several years ago who organized her life so she could be both a student and parent and spouse. She was the mother of two elementary school-aged boys.

Mon, September 16, 2019