Registration Procedures

Registration Procedures

These procedures apply to the following programs: MDiv (all tracks), MTS (all tracks), Certificate of Theological StudiesMA in Theological Studies, ThM, DMin, PhD in Theological Studies. For all other Wycliffe programs, the Registrar will contact students directly with registration procedures for their program.

From Monday July 19 2021, you will be able to register for courses via the web, by using ACORN (University of Toronto Student Information System). ACORN stand for Accessible Campus  Online Resource Network.  This instruction applies to all courses except for Reading & Research courses, comprehensives, or theses (see below instructions on how to register for R&R courses and theses). Students are responsible to note the published deadlines for adding and dropping courses.

Every student has an academic adviser who can advise on course selection. As a simple guide please use the worksheet for your program and try to complete courses in the suggested order. For example all MDIV students should try to begin with WYP1111HF Life Together and MTS students should begin with the core required courses.

Courses beginning with 'WY' on the worksheet are Wycliffe required classes. MDIV and MTS students are allowed to take 1000, 2000, and 3000 level classes. Advanced graduate students should be taking 5000 or 6000 level classes.

In exceptional circumstances, an MDIV or MTS student can apply to take a 5000 or 6000 level class with permission from the Graduate Centre for Theological Studies (GCTS) The form to request access to a 5000 level class can be found on the TST website.

Use of ACORN/ROSI to register or enroll in courses means that you agree to abide by all the academic and non-academic rules and regulations of Wycliffe College and the Toronto School of Theology and that you assume the obligation to pay academic and incidental fees according to the policies and requirements that apply to you. Academic policies and procedures can be found in the TST Basic and Advanced Degree Handbooks as well as the Wycliffe College Calendar.

Step-By-Step Instructions for Using ACORN

  1. Click on ACORN.
  2. Click on "Login to ACORN".
  3. Enter your UTORid/JOINid and password and click "Login".

Now you have access to ACORN.
You can exit the session at any time by clicking on “logout”.

Register for Courses (N.B., more information can be found on U of T's ACORN How-To webpage)

  1. Click on “Enrol & Manage”
  2. At the top of the ‘Enrol & Manage’ screen choose the session tab you’d like to enrol courses in (i.e. 2020-2021 Fall/Winter)
  3. Click on "Courses" under the session tab chosen in the previous step
  4. Use the search field to search for courses by course code or title. Results will start appearing after three characters.
  5. Click on the course in which you would like to enrol.
  6. A pop-up modal window will appear. Select the primary section. This will be either LEC0101 for an in person class, LEC4101 for a class held off site,  LEC6101 for an asynchronous online class or L9101 for a synchronous remote class. The difference between asynchronous and synchronous delivery is that with asynchronous there is no one time when you have to log into the class. With classes offered with remote access, currently via zoom, you have to attend the class at the stated time. i.e. all the class participants will be online together.
  7. Click the ‘Enrol’ button.
  8. If you have successfully enrolled in the course you will receive a success notice on the top right corner of your screen and the course will be listed under your currently enrolled courses.

To Drop a Course

  1. On the Courses screen, click the gear icon on the top right corner of the course you want to drop.
  2. Select “Drop Course” from the drop-down menu that appears.
  3. On the course pop-up modal that appears, review the information presented and click ‘Drop Course’.
  4. If you have successfully dropped the course you will receive a success notice on the top right corner of your screen and the course will no longer be listed under your currently enrolled courses.

If you want to update your address, telephone number or email, click on “Personal Information”.

If you a non conjoint student i.e. a certificate or diploma student or an occasional student  you will not have access to ACORN or ROSI. The Registrar's office will contact you with how to register for courses individually.

Registration for Reading & Research Courses

Directed reading courses for basic degree students are exceptional. Students who wish to do a directed reading course in a specific area not covered in a regular TST course must first speak with the professor with whom they wish to do the course. If the professor is agreeable the student is required to complete the Reading & Research course registration form available on the Wycliffe College website (under Forms & Documents) or from the Registrar's office. The form is to be completed and signed by both the student and the instructor. It is then submitted to the Registrar who will enter the course on ROSI. Please note: R&R courses are subject to the same registration and completion deadlines as regular courses. For the fall term, signed approval requests should be submitted no later than September 1, 2021 and for the winter term, no later than December 15, 2021 for winter activities..The registration form can be found at,

Advanced Degree students can take as many R&R courses as their program allows them to do. The registration procedure is the same as for Basic Degree students.

Registration for Basic Degree Summative Exercise/Thesis

Guidelines are posted on the college website. To register for a summative exercise or thesis students are required to complete the Basic Degree Summative Exercise/Thesis Registration form available on our website (under Documents & Forms) or from the Registrar's office. Please note:Theses and summative exercises are subject to the same registration deadlines as regular courses.

Making a payment:

Once you have added classes ACORN will generate an invoice and minimum  payment should be made by August 7, 2021 to allow sufficient time for the money to reach your student account by August 11, 202I

For information on how to pay tuition see here.