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A Grounding for a Life of Faith

The Christian Foundations small group resource offers an engaging introduction to the good news of the Gospel, the story of the Bible, church history, the creeds, and core practices of the faith. The material has been designed for people with no Christian background, and for those wanting to refresh their basic grounding. Nine modules focus on key questions that are explored through four learning segments.  These include short narratives and interactive exercises: self-quizzes, reflection questions, group discussion, story-telling, timelines, maps and matching tasks.

Topics included in these Modules

  • What is the story of Israel?
  • Who is Jesus?
  • How did the Church get started?
  • What do all Christians believe?
  • Why are there so many sorts of Christians?
  • How can I grow in my faith?
  • What is my part in the kingdom of God?

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About the book

We put together Christian Foundations with these goals in mind

  • that the primary focus be the Triune Living God made known in Jesus Christ
  • that Scripture shapes the content and be pointed to for further reading and study
  • that interactive exercises would enable long-term learning in teens and adults
  • that transformation, rather than simply information, would be encouraged

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We understand that leading small groups require thoughtfulness and preparation. To help you run your small group well, we have made available a free small-group facilitation tip sheet.

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