International Students

International Students

Are you from the United States or overseas? You have a lot of information to consider before deciding to move to a new country for school.

Here are some helpful details.


Visit Us

You’re always welcome to visit the college and experience the city of Toronto before making the decision to study here.

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As an international applicant, you must have the same academic prerequisites as a Canadian applicant. Review the requirements and processes for applying to either a master's- or doctorate-level program.

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Tuition Fees

Your tuition depends on the year you begin your studies. As an international student you pay different fees than domestic students. Also learn about other types of fees and how invoicing works.

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If you've been accepted to study at Wycliffe, you must make your own arrangements for your student visa through a Canadian embassy, high commission or consulate, before departing for Canada. Learn more about how to obtain your study permit.



Apply for your visa well before your proposed travel date. Also, check with your local visa office as additional documentation may be required, such as evidence that you plan to return to your country of origin, a certificate of medical clearance, etc.

For more information, visit the Immigration Canada website.

For your visa, you’ll require:

  • A valid passport
  • A letter of confirmation of admission from Wycliffe College, stating the program, the registration deadline and the duration of the program
  • Proof of adequate funds to live and study (e.g., bank statements, student loan documents, scholarship and bursary awards, or pledges of support from other organizations)

Providing a Copy to the Registrar

You must provide the Registrar with a copy of your student visa before the end of the first week of classes. 



If your student visa is due to expire before you’ve finished your program, do the following:

  1. Three months prior to your visa’s expiration date, you should complete an application form available from the Immigration Canada website.

  2. Request a letter from the Registrar that states you are a student at Wycliffe and estimates the time you will need to complete your studies.

  3. Provide proof that you have sufficient funds available to support yourself for the remainder of your stay in Canada.



Please note that your employment opportunities on a student visa are strictly regulated by the government. You may only be authorized to accept on-campus employment or employment related to your field of study.



As an international student, you are guaranteed a spot in Wycliffe’s residence, which has single rooms and a meal plan.

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Health Insurance

As an international student, you are required to register for the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP). More Information is available from the Accountant's office.


Help with the Transition

If you’d like help with your transition to life in Canada and your studies at Wycliffe, you can visit the University’s Centre for International Experience.