Theology Pub Night

Have you wanted to find a place to enjoy a nice cold beer, cider, and/or pop * (that's 'soda' or 'cola' to our American friends), snack on popcorn and chips, and listen to theological perspectives on a variety of topics? Then our Theological Pub night is the place you need to try out. On the last Friday of the month Wycliffe, in partnership with The Meeting House, provides an ideal location to grab a cold beverage, mingle with others, and join in a spirited conversation on a range of topics. We start with a time of socializing and then move into an interview with someone in the know about the topic and then open the floor for questions and answers.


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Theology Pub NightFeb 28th: Science and Religion: A History of Conflict?

Time: Movie at 5 PM; Discussion at 7 PM
Guests: Denis Lamoureux

Denis will present a unique perspective that moves us past the evolution vs creation debate to a place where both ideologies can exist together.

Denis Lamoureux is an Associate Professor of Science and Religion at St Joseph's College at the University of Alberta. With three earned Doctorates (Dentistry, Evolutionary Biology and Theology), he has spent his career exploring the origins of life and its implications on issues of belief. The author of numerous books on science, theology and Biblical interpretation, Denis will lead us in a discussion of one of the big questions of life. 

To get us started (and just because it's an awesome movie) we will be screening the original Planet of the Apes beforehand. Don't worry if you can't make it to the movie, we'll be showing clips during the discussion.


Book Giveaway

  • Evolution: Scripture and Nature Say, Yes! by Denis O. Lamoureux
  • Four Views on the Historical Adam by Denis O. Lamoureux


*  Drink tickets purchased at event
  • Beer and Cider - $5.00
  • Non-Alcoholic Beer - $4.00
  • Pop - $1.00
  • Chips and theatre popcorn are on us