Single students may choose to live at Wycliffe in the residence. Our residence hosts students from across the University of Toronto and includes a meal plan. Living on or near campus allows students to easily enjoy community life and library access.  Learn more>>

For additional housing options, see below.

Off-Campus Housing

Toronto’s extensive transit system (streetcars, buses, trains, and a subway) within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) provides students with a lot of flexibility as to where they live. For those outside of Toronto who commute into the campus, there are many buses and trains into the city. Learn more about transportation here>>

Your best option is to find a place within a 10-min walk of the subway, rather than to rely on streetcars or buses (slower/less reliable), even if the subway location is farther away. The subway lines are shown in green and yellow on Google Maps.

The following websites may be helpful in locating a place to rent:

  • Off-Campus Housing Search - good for finding a place to live or roommates. Advanced Degree students (MA, ThM, PhD, DMin) may have to pay to login.
  • Gracifieds – a free classifieds forum run by a local church. Information about housing rentals, roommates wanted, free furniture, etc. (Note – you must request permission to join.) 
  • Viewit.ca, kijiji.ca, www.padmapper.com

*Note: Scammers do exist on some of these sites, so use your judgment. Know your rights: Information for New Tenants

For more assistance, contact U of T Housing Help or Wycliffe’s student services.

Commuter Rooms

Wycliffe keeps a few rooms available at very affordable rates for commuting students or visitors, including a couple's suite with a double bed and bathroom. ***NOTE: These rooms are not currently available, due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Family Housing

Wycliffe has a few apartments for families in the building. Priority is usually given to international MDiv students. Apply here>>

The Charles St. Apartments are a ten-minute walk from Wycliffe and house many University of Toronto students and their families at a low cost. Apartments are either one or two-bedroom and are available for couples with or without children. The apartment buildings also have childcare options for residents. 

Family housing is also available at UTM, the Mississauga campus of U of T. A shuttle bus connects UTM with the St. George Campus (on which Wycliffe is located).


See also the Off-Campus Housing section above.


Looking for furniture? Try:

  • Asking on the Wycliffe Students’ Community Facebook page
  • Gracifieds (a local church’s Christian classifieds page—requires permission to join)
  • U of T Swap Shop

Families living in Charles St. family housing can check the building’s notice boards and Facebook page (“University Family Housing Tenants’ Association”). The building also offers its tenants a Free Store with household items and clothes.