Jakób Jocz

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Jakób Jocz, Ph.D., D. Litt.

October 14, 1906 - August 15, 1983

This archive was created to preserve the literary legacy of Jakób Jocz and make his works available to a wider audience.

Jakób Jocz, Ph.D., D. Litt. (October 14, 1906 - August 15, 1983) spent his life trying to bridge the gap between Christians and Jews. He believed that only a return to the Prophetic tradition through a relationship with Yeshua could satisfy Jewish spiritual hunger. With a foot in both camps, his works address both parties unequivocally.

Slavic names are not readily converted to English. Jakób’s name is pronounced Ya-cobe Yotch.

  • Is It Nothing To You?  1940, 1941     
  • The Jewish People and Jesus Christ  1949, 1954, 1974 
  • Judaism and the State of Israel  1950   
  • Religion and the Gospel   1952
  • A Theology of Election  1958 
  • The Connection Between the Old and the New Testament   1961
  • The Spiritual history of Israel  1961
  • Religion Without God   1964
  • Christians and Jews: Encounter and Mission  1966    
  • The Jewish Christian Dialogue  1967
  • Syncretism or Faith   1967
  • The Covenant  1968, 1999
  • The Jewish People and Jesus Christ After Auschwitz   1981

Books and Articles

The books, essays and articles listed below include all of the author’s major works.  

A Theology of Election, 161 pages

Christians and Jews: Encounter and Mission, 36 pages

Is It Nothing To You? 44 pages

Judaism and the State of Israel, 23 pages

Religion and the Gospel, 16 pages

Religion Without God, 9 pages

Syncretism or Faith, 7 pages

The Connection Between the Old and the New Testament, 11 pages

The Covenant, 202 pages

The Jewish People and Jesus Christ, 313 pages

The Jewish People and Jesus Christ After Auschwitz, 184 pages

The Spiritual History of Israel, 170 pages


Commentaries on the on the life and work of Jakób Jocz

What’s in a name?

While it can be confirmed that Joan’s middle name is Alice not Celia, dealing with Jocz family names is not so simple. Jakób’s mother’s name is variously recorded as Hannah, Chana or Anna. His father could be Bazyli or Basilius. This is explained by rendering names in different languages as well as by efforts during WW2 to mask origins. In general, documentation created for this site uses the names by which living family members knew them. Other contributors made different decisions.

Dr. Arthur Glasser (Fuller Theological Seminary) wrote a commentary on Dr. Jocz’s work in 1993.

The Rev. Dr. Jakób Jocz: CMJ Evangelist and Theologian — a summary by Dr. Theresa Newell, CMJ, USA. Posted by permission of the author.