What Does it Mean to Be Human?

Call for Papers

Call for Papers
This conference will explore interdisciplinary perspectives on the question, What Does it Mean to be Human? We invite submissions for 15-minute papers or case studies that will address the topic from a variety of academic disciplines, and we would particularly welcome any exploration of the theological, scientific and/or moral connections on the following topics.

  • Disability
  • Gender Identity
  • Transhumanism
  • Theological Anthropology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cognition
  • Role of Christian Faith in Secular Spaces
  • Language and Terminology in Public Practice and Discourse
  • Bioethics
  • Philosophy
  • Biology
  • Ethics
  • Contemporary Dignity for the dying
  • IVF and Surrogacy
  • Pastoral and Congregational Approaches to Ethical and Social Issues