Christopher Seitz

Senior Research Professor

PhD (Yale University)BA (North Carolina), MTS (Virginia Seminary), STM (Yale Divinity School)

Christopher Seitz was Professor of Old Testament at Yale University and the University of St Andrews before coming to Wycliffe in 2007. He is an ordained Episcopal Priest and has served parishes in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Germany, France and Scotland. He is the past President of the Anglican Communion Institute and has been involved in recent work on behalf of Communion life. He is the editor of Studies in Theological Interpretation and is on the Advisory Board of the Scripture and Hermeneutics Consultation. He has supervised numerous Ph.D. students and has published over a dozen books on the interpretation of Old and New Testaments and in the area of theological hermeneutics. He is a two-time recipient of the Alexander von Humboldt research award. Dr. Seitz also produces a regular podcast with Wycliffe titled Insights with Seitz: The Symphony of Scripture.

Theological Hermeneutics, Old Testament, Interpretation


  • Essays on Prophecy and Canon: The Rise of a New Model for Interpretation (2021) 
  • Convergences: Canon and Catholicity (2020) 
  • The Elder Testament: Canon, Theology, Trinity (2018)  
  • Joel: International Theological Commentary (2016)  
  • Colossians in the Brazos Theological Commentary Series (2014)  
  • The Bible as Christian Scripture, ed. (2013)  
  • The Character of Christian Scripture: The Significance of a Two-Testament Bible (2011)  
  • The Goodly Fellowship of the Prophets: the achievement of association in canon formation (2009) 
  • Prophecy and Hermeneutics: Towards a New Introduction to the Prophets (2007)  
  • Reading and Preaching the Book of Isaiah (2002)  
  • Nicene Christianity: The Future for a New Ecumenism (2001)  
  • Figured Out: typology and providence in Christian Scripture (2001)  
  • Word Without End: the Old Testament as abiding theological witness (1997)  
  • Isaiah 1-39: Interpretation Commentary (1993)  
  • Zion’s Final Destiny: the development of the Book of Isaiah: a reassessment of Isaiah 36-39 (1991) 



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