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Statement Issued by the Anglican Communion Institute in Response to the Consecration of Robinson Archived at The consecration of Gene Robinson is a deliberate and flagrant act of disregard: disregard for Lambeth 1.10 and the Lambeth Conference; disregard for the Archbishop of Canterbury; disregard for the Primates; disregard for the Statement issued only two weeks ago, which clearly stated this act would jeopardise the Communion. This act of disregard is intended to show that...
November 18, 2003
Archived at Confession and Calling of the Anglican Communion Dioceses and Parishes Preface There are times within the history of the church when Christians have been faced with threats, some internal and some external, to the integrity of their common life and faith. The recent actions of the Diocese of New Westminster and the General Convention of the Episcopal Church U.S.A. confront the various provinces of the Anglican Communion with just such a threat to the historic Faith and...
February 01, 2004
Archived at A Plea to All ECUSA Members As President, Executive Director, and Collegial Theologians of ACI, and on behalf of our co-workers, we want to express our thanks to all who have supported our work with prayer, counsel and financial gifts. We believe we have made a significant contribution to the articulation of a Communion polity: a polity that is both fair to our global history and that also address the problems of finding a properly biblical discipline in this season of revision and threats to Communion...
August 23, 2005
Response to Bishop Carranza's Article by Anglican Communion Institute (Feb 10, 2005) Archived at The Rt. Rev. Sergio Carranza Bishop Assistant in the Diocese of Los Angeles PO Box 2164 Los Angles, CA 90051 Dear Bishop Carranza, Your anger and disappointment at any obstacle to pursuing your personal vision for sexual behavior has been made clear in your recent posting on the electronic clergy newsletter of the Diocese of Los Angeles. We want you to know that...
February 10, 2005
What happened at Newry?—An ACI Response Archived at The Archbishop of Canterbury and the Primates indicated that a sufficient statement of regret/repentance had yet to be received from ECUSA, and that such needed to be forthcoming; In terms of one Instrument of Unity (The Lambeth Conference) ECUSA’s status is currently ambiguous. It must consider its place within the Anglican Communion and, before it meets in 2008, signal that it is committed to the interdependent life of...
February 01, 2005
Where Is ECUSA on The Windsor Report? by Anglican Communion Institute (Jan 14, 2005) Archived at The ECUSA is sending unclear signals about how it regards the definition of the Anglican Communion set forth in the Windsor Report. It speaks of regret but then says it does not regret what it has done to its Communion sisters and brothers, only what it has caused by what it has done. Those who receive what it says ("Integrity"), and its own Bishops (C Irish, Utah)...
January 14, 2005
Anglican Christianity – For Consideration by the Bishops of the Episcopal Church Archived at A Season of Judgment It is impossible to watch the delegation going to represent ECUSA at Nottingham next month without concluding, ‘this is not Anglican Christianity.’ Whatever else it is, the composition of this delegation is a public statement about the character of the Episcopal Church at this moment in time, and it forces those of us who have identified with Anglican...
June 08, 2005
AN OPEN LETTER TO THE HOUSE OF BISHOPS OF THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH U.S.A. Archived at Within the next week you, our Bishops, will meet for the purpose of responding to The Windsor Report and the recent statement of the Meeting of the Primates. The Primates, among other things, have called for (1) an expression of regret on the part of ECUSA for the harm done to the Anglican Communion by the recent actions of its House of Bishops and its General Convention; (2) a moratorium on the...
March 01, 2005
THE BISHOPS’ COVENANT: AN ANALYSIS AND EVALUATION Archived at Anglican Communion Institute, March, 2005 The recent ECUSA House of Bishops meeting follows the publication of the Windsor Report (TWR) from the Lambeth Commission, an earlier response by the House of Bishops in January, and finally the February Communiqué from the Primates’ Meeting in Newry. In their ‘covenant statement’ , reproduced below with commentary, the House of Bishops offers their current response to the...
March 20, 2005
A Call to Our Primates Archived at The proliferation of alternative oversight arrangements in the United States (and Canada; and now in South America) indicates that the level of discontent and disarray within the ECUSA and the Communion is high. Some arrangements pre-date the General Convention 2003 developments, most specifically the never regularised ‘Anglican Mission in America’ (AMiA). In addition, and in the light of General Convention 2003, other independent...
October 16, 2005