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Library Access

Conjoint degree program Wycliffe students have physical and digital access to the the full University of Toronto Libraries system. Non-conjoint students have physical access to TST's six member college libraries. Certain digital resources are available for non-conjoint students through Graham Library, please contact the registrar's office for details. 

University of Toronto Libraries is one of the leading academic research library systems in world, and the largest academic library in Canada. In addition to millions of books, the library system provides access to thousands of full-text electronic journals, and hundreds of online databases and resources. 

The majority of theological materials are located in TST's member college libraries and the University of Toronto's John P. Robarts Research Library, the University's central humanities and social sciences library.

All holdings can be found within the University of Toronto Libraries' online catalogue.

Information on borrowing materials from a TST member college library, an affiliated member institution, or accessing special collections can be found here

Graham Library

Since 2000 the John W. Graham Library has comprised the merged Wycliffe and Trinity College collections. It serves as an important resource for Anglican studies and a base for scholars from all parts of the world.