Peace in the City

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Peace in the City 2015 Colloquium

“Pursuing Peace in the City: Multi-Faith Co-operation for Neighbourhood Well-Being”

Urban mission is undergoing a faith revolution, locally and globally. The second global wave of urbanization is bringing not just every ethnicity and culture to the city, but every faith group. We are entering an unprecedented era where the majority of us find ourselves living increasingly with neighbours from different faiths. Our slums, neighbourhoods and cities are emerging as multi-faith communities.
For Christian community development organizations, this multi-faith urban landscape demands new knowledge and skills. New ways of working are required if we are to be effective amidst a diversity of cultures, beliefs and practices. Building understanding, relationships and working with Muslims in particular has become a pressing necessity for many community organizations and churches

Peace in the City 2015 explored key questions:

  • How can our urban programs sensitively and enthusiastically embrace the growing faith diversity in our communities?
  • What knowledge and skills do Christian groups, churches and NGOs need to work effectively in urban contexts and with local Muslim groups and organizations?
  • How can organizations from different faiths share common goals and action with integrity, for the well-being of the community?
  • What are effective models and approaches for local multi-faith action, networking and collaboration?

This colloquium was packed with lively opportunities to explore, exchange tools and learn:

  • How our cities can build well-being through inter-faith action
  • How diverse community development organizations can intersect for peace in our neighbourhoods in Canada and overseas
  • How Christians, Muslims and others can join hands for the well-being of all our children.