Can government shut down a church's worship?


January 29th, 2021


7:00 PM

Join Rick Baker (Lead Pastor at Calvary Church), Paul Carter (Lead Pastor at Cornerstone Baptist Church Orillia) and host +Stephen Andrews (Wycliffe College) for a conversation about whether to meet or not to meet? As the pandemic draws on, churches are struggling with the decision of how to best care for their congregations. To what extent should the church heed the government guidelines and limit their services to 10, and are religious gatherings protected by the constitution and thereby exempted? At the root of this is whether the biblical mandate to meet supersedes any government regulation. How should we to be subject to to the governing authorities as Paul writes? What does it mean in the case of the pandemic? Join us for a frank discussion as we explore this topic.

Grab a drink and a snack or two and tune in at 7 o'clock for the discussion followed with a Q&A.


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