A gift for you ... in honour of Giving Tuesday


Giving Tuesday. It is the day on the calendar that follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In the world of social media, it is useful for refocussing thoughts from the acquisition of "stuff" to giving out of our resources. Widely considered the day that "kicks off" the season of giving, it is intended to encourage people to give to their favourite charities and non-profit organizations.

While Wycliffe College is always grateful for the gifts of our friends and supporters, we thought we'd like to give a gift to YOU in honour of the day: a blog post featuring a conversation with one of the world's preeminent Christian ethicists, Oliver O'Donovan. O'Donovan speaks about Wycliffe's unique contributions to the Church and to the world of Christian scholarship, and about what he believes to be the most critical ethical issues that will face the Church in the near future.