The Board of Trustees and Wycliffe College Council

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Administrative History
When Wycliffe College was created its by-laws stated that there would be a Board of Trustees consisting of 50 members and of these members the Wycliffe College Council would be created. The Trustees would hold office until death, resignation, or if no longer a member of the Church of England. The trustees would consider the reports of the Council. In 1999 the trustee’s number was cut down from 50 to 18. And now Trustees would be elected for a term of 3 years and could be elected for two more terms.

The Wycliffe College Council would have 30 members. This entity was to manage the affairs of the college. Furthermore the council would carry out any transactions as designated by the Trustees. The Council would also elect members of the Executive Committee and any other committees. The Council was in charge of creating any new committees that would be required. In turn the committees would answer to the Council and the Council would be answerable to the Board of Trustees. In 1999 this by-law was changed and the Council became the Board. The Board consists of all the Trustees, as well as the principal and faculty representatives. The Board considers all reports brought to its attention.
Scope and Content Notes
Series contains numerous books containing minutes of meetings. Each book also contains correspondence. There are also reports from numerous committees. Among these committees are the Executive Committee, the Finance and Investment Committee, The Committee of Students, the Committee on Honorary Degrees, and the Committee in Charge of the Leonard Trust for Retired Graduates. As well there are principal’s reports. Also there are resolutions and other pieces of business that emerged while the college ran. Also contains minutes for the Board of Trustees.