Colossians Remixed: Subverting the empire

Brian Walsh
Intervarsity Press

With Sylvia Keesmat, Brian Walsh, who is adjunct professor of theology and culture at Wycliffe College, in this innovative and refreshing book explain our own sociocultural context to then help us get into the world of the New Testament and get a sense of the power of the gospel as it addressed those who lived in Colossae two thousand years ago. Their reading presents us with a radical challenge from the apostle Paul for today. Drawing together biblical scholarship with a passion for authentic lives that embody the gospel, this groundbreaking interpretation of Colossians provides us with tools to subvert the empire of our own context in a way that acknowledges the transforming power of Jesus Christ.

Colossians remixed : subverting the empire (Downers Grove, Ill : InterVarsity Press, 2004).