Resource Development for Local Churches and Community-Based Non-Profits

Summer 2020
Start Date:
Monday, May 11, 2020 to Friday, July 17, 2020
Pastoral Theology
Teaching Method:
Remote Access

When we answer the call of leadership to a local church or a community-based non-profit, we accept the responsibility to raise the necessary financial resources to fulfill its mission. This course focuses on learning and applying resource development good practices within local churches and community-based non-profits. Its premise is that any organization that accepts donations (e.g. tithes, grant funding, and other sources) and incurs operating expenses, is accountable to donors (e.g. boards, members, employees, volunteers, clients, or donors). Organizations that discover new ways to communicate the urgency of the need, the proficiency of their experience, and the right engagement with donors can raise the necessary resources to fulfill its mission. Through this course, students will reflect on resource development (fundraising) from a biblical, ethical, and principled approach, which utilizes good resource development practices. Students who complete this course, will articulate a personal philosophy of resource development and create a 3-year resource development plan for a local church or community-based organization.

Enrolment Notes:

In order to avoid academic and financial penalty this course must be dropped by June 1st

Additional Notes:

Please note that this course will now be offered remotely over a ten week period with Skype sessions.