The Spirituality of Narnia

John Bowen
Regent College Publishing

Many people love the Narnia stories. However, not all readers know the deep spirituality that underlies them. In some ways, the stories mirror Lewis’ own wrestling with his spiritual longings, and seek to help others on the same journey. He wants us to feel, as he himself came to feel, that what we long for at the deepest level of our being is to be part of a great story, indeed The Great Story, in which the stories of Narnia and the story of our world and the story of our lives find their true meaning.

“There is a great deal written about C. S. Lewis but much of it, sadly, is hardly worth the effort. That is certainly not the case here. Original, perceptive, balanced and insightful. Essential reading for anyone concerned with Lewis and issues of faith.”
- Michael Coren, author of The Man Who Created Narnia

“I love C. S. Lewis’ work, and I’ve read many, many books about his life and writings. This book stands out to me because I believe that Lewis himself would have truly enjoyed it. It does what Lewis himself tried to do: make the most important story understandable and accessible to “normal” people. And it does so with a winsome style that has so much in common with Lewis’ own.”
- Brian McLaren, author/activist (

“In his usual insightful way, John Bowen takes us on a romp through The Chronicles of Narnia to help us understand how Lewis’s stories point us toward The Big Story that people everywhere long to hear.”
- Dr. Harry L. Poe, Union University

John Bowen is a professor at Wycliffe College in the University of Toronto. He teaches courses on communication, leadership, culture, how to make churches userfriendly, and (of course) C. S. Lewis.