Women's reflections on the complexities of forgiveness

Women's forgiveness
Wanda Malcolm et al (ed)

This book by women represents a diversity of opinions about every aspect of forgiveness, embodying a tolerance for differing perspectives. The contributors are researchers and therapists who have dedicated themselves to grappling  with the controversies and conundrums associated with forgiveness.

On the basis of their clinical and empirical work in the field, the authors have questioned established definitions, opposed emerging “truisms” within the field, and  used research methods that run counter to traditional practices. The result is a compelling collection of  research and clinical wisdom that pushes us to consider new perspectives on the mysterious process of forgiveness.
Specific contributions by Wanda Malcolm:

Introduction: Women's reflections on the complexities of forgiveness

The timeliness of forgiveness interventions 

ISBN: 978-0-415-95505-8