Is the Bible Good for Women?



January 23rd, 2020


12:00 PM


Wycliffe College

Dr. Marion Taylor grew up in Toronto and began her academic studies at the U of T. Questions about how to negotiate the worlds of faith and the academic study of the Bible pushed her to pursue an MA in Near Eastern Studies and a Master of Divinity degree. Ultimately her journey took her to Yale University, where her interest in the history of the interpretation of the Bible was solidified.  At Yale in a class on apocalyptic literature, Marion met her husband Glen. They returned to Toronto to teach at Wycliffe College. Marion’s interests in the Old Testament are broad. She teaches a variety of courses, including Introduction to the Old Testament, Jeremiah, Psalms, Old Testament Theology, Reading Scripture through the Ages, Bad Boys and Bad Girls in the Bible, the Books of Esther and Ruth, and Women Interpreters of the Bible. Most recently she has focused on forgotten women interpreters of the Bible. In 2006 she and Heather Weir co-published a collection of texts from 50 forgotten women interpreters, focusing on the stories of women in Genesis: Let her Speak for Herself: Nineteenth-century Women Writing on Women in Genesis. Marion’s award-winning book, Handbook of Women Biblical Interpreters: a historical and biographical guide (Baker, 2012), provides an exciting new resource for those interested in the history of the reception of biblical texts and theology. Marion has recently completed a commentary on Ruth and Esther, to be published in Zondervan’s Story of God Series. In her spare time, Marion loves to read, write, and walk her dog at the cottage in northern Ontario.

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