Ann Jervis to present on Paul's Messianic Apocalypticism at specialist conference

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Professor of New Testament Ann Jervis will join a group of the world’s top scholars at a specialist conference on the topic of Paul and Early Judaism. Taking place October 25-27, 2021, the conference will focus on the question: “Was Paul an Apocalyptic Jew? A Case in Jewish Diversity in the Second Temple Period." Professor Jervis will give a presentation on Paul’s Messianic Apocalypticism, addressing the matter of Paul’s union with Messiah concept.

Sponsored by the Frankel Institute of Advanced Judaic Studies, University of Michigan, and the Enoch Seminar, this conference, which is not aimed at a general audience, will provide a unique opportunity for specialist scholars to explore related topics. "By taking Paul’s Jewishness as a shared starting point," the conference website notes, scholars will explore "the figure of Paul within Second Temple Judaism in a line of continuity with the Jewish apocalyptic tradition (and the Enochic tradition in particular), not as an apostate of Judaism but as part of the vibrant Jewish diversity of the time."