Dr. Ephraim Radner on Christian concepts of time and figural reading of the Old Testament

Ephraim Radner - Photo credit: Adam Walanus
July 06th, 2018

Wycliffe's Professor of Historical Theology, Ephraim Radner, was interviewed about his new book, Time and the Word: Figural Reading of the Christian Scriptures (Eerdmans, 2016), by Jonathan J. Armstrong of Aqueduct Project.

In this interview, the two men discuss what gave rise to the book, Christian concepts of time now and in the past, and figural reading of the Old Testament (i.e., how Christians interpret the Old Testament scriptures). Professor Radner says that one of his hopes in writing Time and the Word was "to try to lift up - intellectually, theologically - what is still a lively way of reading the Bible and always has been."

"There is a consistent way of doing that," he says, "that should be taken seriously as a witness, hopefully, to something that's true." 

>> Video Interview with Ephraim Radner