Global Day of Parents

Scruggs Family

For some, becoming a parent is a fairly simple thing. But it's never been easy to be a parent. Perhaps that is why the United Nations sets aside one day annually to honour those men and women who devote their time and energies to rearing the next generation, marking The Global Day of Parents on June 1st, every year. 

At Wycliffe College, parents and families are honoured year round. But this year, we thought we would give an extra tip of the hat to parents, by inviting one very special one to share her experiences on the Wycliffe blog. Chantelle Scruggs is a homemaker raising three little ones. She also assists her husband Lane in his role as Residence Don here at the College, and plans and hosts the Wycliffe Play Group. In her blog post, she writes about life in a family apartment at Wycliffe, describing it as a "village effort."