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Congratulations to:

Wycliffe College PhD Student Jason Yuh, on the publication of his paper, “Analysing Paul’s Reference to Baptism in Galatians 3.27 through Studies of Memory, Embodiment and Ritual” in Journal for the Study of the New Testament. Jason will be starting the fourth year of his PhD program in September.

And also to Kline Chang (Kai-Hsuan Chang) a Wycliffe College PhD student who recently defended his thesis titled: Paul’s Transformation: A Cognitive Approach to the Contribution of Ritual and Experience to Paul’s Resurrection Theology. Kline’s paper: “Questioning the Feasibility of the Major Synoptic Hypotheses: Scribal Memory as the Key to the Oral-Written Interface” is also published in the same issue of the Journal for the Study of the New Testament.

Michelle Yu, Wycliffe College PhD student in Old Testament who recently received Toronto School of Theology's Graduate Centre for Theological Studies Award, which funded her travel to Vancouver to present her paper, "The Need for a New Paradigm: Re-reading Isaiah 40-48 as Trauma Recovery," at the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies. 


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