Review of U of T’s sexual violence & sexual harassment policy leads to changes

Wycliffe News & Updates
August 11th, 2022

In response to the recent report coming out of the triennial review of the University of Toronto’s Policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment, the University announced last month that it has accepted all of the reviewers’ recommendations and will begin to implement them immediately. Wycliffe College adopted the Policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment in 2017. 

“The University of Toronto is taking steps to boost its supports for those affected by sexual violence or harassment, address barriers to reporting and take a leadership role within the university sector to address sexual violence and sexual harassment in academia,” the announcement stated. 

The changes respond to recommendations made in the final report of U of T’s sexual violence and sexual harassment policy review, which was released July 15, 2022. The university indicated in its response to the report that it has accepted all 12 of the report’s recommendations. 

Wycliffe College has established a small working group, which is preparing recommendations for ways we can improve both our own internal polices and practices, and in providing support for victims.