"What Does It Mean To Be Human" Event Series

Leonard Hall Roundtable Discussion
June 14th, 2022

From June 8–10, Wycliffe College hosted the “What Does It Mean To Be Human” interdisciplinary event series, which brought together experts and curious minds—scientists, theologians, medical professionals, church leaders, and lay persons—to address some of the most relevant issues of our day that pertain to technological advances, morality, and human nature. We were pleased to be joined by 140 participants in-person and online, keynote speakers Carl Trueman (theology), Joseph Graves (genetics), Farr Curlin (medicine), and Andreae Sennyah (public policy), as well as knowledge experts Raphael Samuel, Jeff Boldt, Ian Kissell, Andy Steiger, E. Janet Warren, Cody G Guitard, Chris Barrigar, Ewan Goligher, Julia Smith, Victor Shepherd, and Larry Worthen.

The event series kicked off on Wednesday with a two-day academic conference. It was followed by an open forum on Thursday evening for a general audience. The Friday day-long workshop provided an engaging space for church leaders and healthcare professionals to discuss how they could apply theological and philosophical frameworks to real-life cases. The three-day event series was a special opportunity for all participants to learn from people with different backgrounds, make new connections, and find encouragement as they navigated similar questions and situations together.