Wycliffe College will be a site host for Crossings: A Journey to Easter Art Exhibition

Crossings - A Journey to Easter Arts Exhibition
February 10th, 2022

From March 2 — April 14, 2022, Wycliffe College will be a site host for Crossings: A Journey to Easter Art Exhibition. This all-outdoor contemplative public art exhibit will be set in 16 central Toronto locations, including on the grounds of Wycliffe College. 

Each of the 16 sites will feature distinctive artworks created by Canadian artists specifically to capture the meaning of the iconic biblical story expressed in the Scriptural Stations of the Cross. Drawing from the Passion narrative, the visual art installations will express the story's unique relevance for the challenges of contemporary life.  (Wycliffe College grounds—at the corner of Hoskin Avenue and Queen's Park Crescent—will be the site of Station 3, Sanhedrin, and will feature an art installation by Betty Spackman titled "Explain Yourself.")

Crossings is part of a series of exhibitions that has featured distinguished artists and unique exhibit pieces in international cities such as London, Washington, New York, and Amsterdam. The Toronto exhibition will offer a mini-pilgrimage experience, travelling between several theological Colleges on the University of Toronto campus and to five locations in the Yonge and St. Clair area of the city.

"The Passion narrative is a deeply human story that touches on matters all too familiar in our contemporary world," says exhibition curator John Franklin. "Unjust judgment, betrayal and fear, destructive exercise of power, violence and suffering. Our desire is that the story and the art together will generate conversations that will explore their relevance for both personal and social change."